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Joey L. Dowdy’s ”WISH COME TRUE!”

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Fat Be Gone PT. 1










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No More Junk in The Trunk Solutions!

When you let go of the junk, by cleaning out your trunk, you’ll begin to see a new path and discover a bright future for your life. Here are a few helpful solutions.

*Don’t let the fear of failure stop you by doing what you were afraid of anyway.

*Combat your sadness and depression by surrounding yourself around positive images, things, and people that bring out the best in you. Spend each day working on something productive and joyful.

*Gain self-love and acceptance by learning to love yourself first, as well as know that you’re worthy of love.

* Stop being stress out on the job by first learning to take on projects you can complete one by one. Also it’s important to know that you get paid to take some time off work to refresh yourself. Now, go do it! 

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness


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Give! Take! Return!

A Fast Pace World

In today’s fast pace world it’s so easy for people to find reasons, or excuses rather, for not exercising. What you might not know is there are millions of people who often go days, weeks, or sometimes months (hopefully that’s not you? Or is?) without doing any kind of exercise at all. Why is this? It’s because on any given day, hour, or minute, it’s common to hear excuses for not doing it such as, “I’m too tired, I have too much work to do, I don’t have time, I get home too late etc.”

However, you can be assured that people know they need to exercise. And if they don’t at some point their bodies will suffer the consequences like feeling sluggish and fatigue, experiencing a lack of focus and motivation; and high stress levels.

   A Little More Effort

 Yet here’s what they fail to realize. Our bodies are so good to us each and every day. Our heart also never stops beating, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and our brain never stops functioning, even when we sleep. All this activity happens just for us; so that we can live.

 Give It What It Needs

Now the question is if our body produces by providing for us what we need; then why can’t we make a little more effort to give it what it needs? What does it need? The great overall body enhancer called, “Exercise!” Here’s why! It helps to stimulate the brain, and strengthen the heart. Therefore as a result it will make us feel good. And there is no doubt; we all desire to feel good. See, this is what happens when you “Give Your Body What It Needs, It Returns The Favor!”

Groove…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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                 Never Lose It!

 It Serves Its Purpose

 Here’s A Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove! Step Into Greatness! Perform!


Cast Me: You’ll See

Here’s the deal. I’m sure Strut knew her technique was lacking, but she also knew how to work what she did have. What she had was special innate ability. That’s why I say “never lose, or restrict, your natural ability. It should always shine through.” Here’s why! Natural ability is something that can’t be learned or taught. It’s given out at birth. It’s embedded in you. It’s what makes you unique and sets you apart.

 Oh, you know there’s more. Here:

 Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



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If They Did It Then So Can You.

Here are a few one liner excerpts from Get Up & Groove Step Into Greatness! Perform!

 {Jump Over Hurdles}

Lean Mean Plus Size Dancing Machine

“From that point on, I was hooked; Honey, I did my best to keep up and end on the beat like everyone else.”

{Move Pass Doubt}

Exercise Your Mind

I realized I had the confidence to do it, and from there on that I went full speed ahead.”

{Step Into Your Future}

Call Me, Diva Diana

“Now My New Life Begins.”

What Will Your “QUANTUM LEAP SUCCESS” One Liner Be?

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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  A Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove Book 1

 Step Into Greatness! Perform!


“It made the wheels of my mind spin out of control every time it aired.

It was something that happened later during my early teen years. It was a reaction I had to a public service announcement or slogan that I heard on the radio, entitled “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” supporting the United Negro College Fund. Somehow hearing this message had a dramatic effect on me. How so? It captured my attention, and made the wheels of my mind spin out of control every time it aired. Why was this? Well, that’s the ironic part. I felt their message was totally inappropriate, demeaning, and a bit over the top. Please, let me explain. For one, I couldn’t believe they used words in it like “terrible” and “waste.” I thought to myself, “How dare they be so judgmental, bold, and harsh.”

For instance, I thought the judgmental part was their assuming this would happen to every kid. Also, I totally disliked them using the word “terrible” because it sounded so bold and brass. And I couldn’t believe they had THE NERVE to use the word “waste.” Why? It bugged me because it’s something I constantly heard my parents say I should never do. So as you can see, that commercial totally didn’t fly with me. In fact, it annoyingly got under my skin. Each time I heard it, it gave me a creepy feeling, as well as a deep sense of conviction. It felt like the UNCF was spying on me. It seemed as though they knew something about me that I didn’t. And boy, I was starting to feel the discomfort through every fiber of my being. It was like their commercial was purposely being directed towards me. However, here’s the trick: let the truth be told, it was directed towards me.

Want more? Go here: ebook/dp/B00KT7IVH8/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404082356&sr=1-1&keywords=get+up+and+groove”>Choreographer Instructor  Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “U SKINNY THING!”

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One Slimming Strategy  

                            No Need to Starve Yourself

Yeah I bet you ‘re dying, excuse me, I mean living, to know one of the easiest things you can do to help you get on the fast track to a slimmer trimmer you?

Did I hear a yes? I though you might; now here’s the deal.

It’s something researchers say that if done daily has great benefits towards your good health, and shrinking waistline. What is it?

It’s Eating A Good Healthy Breakfast. Why?

*Studies show that those who eat a good healthy breakfast are usually slimmer than those who skip it.  But wait, don’t freak out, instead join in and reap the rewards. Here’s how!

Listed below are three beneficial things in which eating a good healthy breakfast will do for you. It will,

*Fuel your brain and body the right way, if you give it the healthy nutrients it needs.

*Speed Up Your Metabolism (which starts the fat burning process.)

*Provide you with the lasting energy you’ll need to get through the morning. In addition, you’ll be more likely to continue the fat burning process by eating something healthy every three- four hours. It as well will give you the “Get Up & Go” Power to keep active throughout the day.

*So I ask why starve yourself all day only to end up gaining weight? When you can do this one simple thing; Eat A Good Healthy Breakfast, and enjoy hearing others say to you those three magic words. Now say it with me, U SKINNY THING!




Joey L. Dowdy’s “GET UP & GROOVE!”

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Why live a life that’s dormant (non-active) when you can instead, “Get Up & Groove!”

Join Me. Check This Out!’ ‘




Joey L. Dowdy’s “THAT’S TOO MUCH!”

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Fitness Tip 101

Have you been working like a crazed person by trying everything in the book to get rid of those unwanted pounds? Do you feel like you’ve working, day in and day out, and spite of all your diligence nothing seems to be working? Or working fast enough? Well, let me tell, there could be a reason why it’s not working. Have you ever stopped to consider this?You might be doing too much too; too soon. Because in all reality, slow and steady is the best way to go; especially if you’re trying to reach your ultimate physical fitness goals. Are you? Yes? I thought so. Okay, listed below are four tips on how you can work up to reaching your ideal fitness goals.

#1 Avoid Doing Too Much!

Most people try to do too much too soon which results in them getting burned out.Instead they should go slow and steady by taking it one step at a time.Doing this will at least get you moving and grooving forward. Therefore the goal is to create a level of consistency which also creates a body rhythm of forward motion.

For example: Trying to do too much exercise all in one day like walking or running for an hour, or more, followed by an hour dance class, and then an hour of strength training, can be too. This is a caution; especially if you’re just starting out or trying to get back into shape.

#2 Work Up to It!

However, here’s what you should do. You must work up to that level of fitness, or you’ll get in over your head. The reason why? It’s that once your adrenaline kicks it you’ll feel fine at first, but sooner than later you’ll get burned out. Plus, the most dangerous part is you could possibly get injured due to tried, over worked, and or, fatigued muscles.

#3 Break It Up

Do This. Break up your fitness regime into two days.Day one, do an hour of cardio (heart conditioning, & body detoxification exercises) and really concentrate on maximizing the full hour. Make sure you’re fully executing the moves (no half stepping). Plus you should try to keep your heart up for at least 30 minutes, and in addition to practice proper form followed by good breathing technique. ….

Note: Don’t forget to stretch before and after your work out.

Then Day twostart out with maybe a warm up 15 to 20 min walk, or run, then followed that by an hour, or so, of strength building exercise like yoga, pilates, or a combination of weights, pulls ups, push ups, stretch bands, or my exotic tone workout. Making this switch is great because the emphasis then becomes more about the importance of how you can use different moves, and or techniques, to work your core as well as build muscle and body strength. Which weall know helps to burn fat for longer lengths of time.

Note: The key is to go slowly then you can add in more intensity as you grow stronger and develop more stamina.

# 4 A Habit

More Importantly: Making your regime fully doable will give you a sense of accomplishment; therefore also making it easier to strive for the number one key element. What is it?

*Make Your Exercise Regime a Daily and Consistent Healthy Habit.




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Will You Be Next?

Pass The OBESITY Please!

A recent article in USA Magazine printed some startling statistics. It said that by the year 2030 half, yes half, of the American population will be OBESE. Here’s another big shocker. It says these numbers will encompass, and affect, nearly every state in America. Wait! I’m not done yet.

Did you know we spend 150 to 200 billion, YES FOLKS BILLIONS, a year on obesity related medical treatments like heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes etc? DOESN’T THAT SOUND INSANE?

But I’m sure you didn’t know that either, did you? How ever, now you do. So here’s my question. What are you going to do about it?

Will You Get Served?

Will you be another statistic and fall into this trap?

Or will you rise up and meet the challenge? If your answer is” Yes,” I’m here to show you how!

Let’s Get To Work!

More soon!