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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SET THE BAR HIGH;

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Groove On This: Expect More For U R Life; It’ll Deliver!

Know that setting a low bar or standard for your life will get you exactly where you are now, nowhere.” However, when you set the bar high it will take your life to new heights.

What’ll happen is you’ll experience a view like never before. Actually, that’s when you’ll experience the effects of the low bar –vs- the high bar.

Check out these two examples.      

Example 1.*WORK, It Will Feel Like Play!

  1. Low bar: Working on a dead end job that’s totally unfulfilling, and it offers little to nothing in pay.

{Results} It’s one the reasons why you always feel so tired, over worked, and frustrated.

High bar: Deciding to do work that you enjoy, and or making the choice to start your own exciting new business.

{Results} You’ll feel happier, more valued, and the joyous effect of having a few more green backs in your pocket. J

Example 2. *Happy is as Healthy Does!

  1. Low Bar: Settling for poor eating habits and the sluggish feeling it brings when you’re carrying around a few; or more, extra pounds because you’re unmotivated to do anything about it.

Results: It’s another reason why you feel tired, unable to focus, and like your life is spinning out of control.

High bar: Saying to yourself and believing it’s time for a change. Therefore it’ll motivate you to make the effort to jump start your fitness desire, and to get back on track by indulging in a new work out & healthy eating regime that fits your lifestyle.

{Results} You’ll discover a new sense of energy, motivation, and focus that comes with a slimmer you. It’s a new you who feels much more in control of your life; all due to choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, wouldn’t agree that the view looks much better from up here?”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a 

Joey L. Dowdy’s “ENJOY!!!”

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Beneficial! Pleasurable! Useful!

Groove On This: Time Keeps On Grooving No Matter What!





                      but What You Can



                        “Enjoy” It.”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “GOT OBSTACLES!”

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Fear! Anxiety! Depression!

You do? Well, let me tell you something. They will have a hard time sticking around if you do this. Crank Up Your Courage; go at them, then tackle them one at a time. For example:

*Fight fear by doing what you thought you couldn’t do anyway. Next ,

*Keep anxiety at bay by focusing on having a positive outcome, no matter what, with the situation.

*Leave depression in the dust by learning how to have a little fun, laugh, live it up, and enjoy your life.

 What’s the final result? It’ll be you living in peace, as you watch each obstacle take a hike; moving in different directions.

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s”MAKE NO APOLOGY!”

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It’s All Good.

Don’t worry about if some people don’t like what good things are happening to you.  It’s their problem, not yours, if they’re not happy for you.

Please know your happiness, good health; and prosperity is given to you by divine order. It was meant for you to have all the things you’re receiving.

However, know this, they are only temporary gifts sent from up above for your enjoyment.

So be thankful, and you do just that,
Enjoy Them; and Make No Apology!”

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