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Joey L. Dowdy “Create Your Own Luck”

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 Why sit around waiting for a hand out when all you need is a hand. Your OWN! Here’s why.

 People who have fulfilling careers have made it that way. How so? They believe and invest in themselves and then use it as a process to pursue and fulfill their dreams.
It’s like they wave a magic wand towards creating their own luck. Here, Wanna try it for yourself? Do these.

Get A Clear Vision For Your Future Goals.

 Focus Your Energy On Building Skills.
Fine Tune Your Skills/Talents and Become An Expert.
Make It A Point to Learn From Others.
Sell Yourself and Your Enthusiasm.
Do What You Love and Love What You Go.









Joey L. Dowdy’s “Mentor’s have Magic”

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 Mentors Are People We Look Up to Respect and Admire. They are Like Precious Gifts of Encouragement That Uplift & Inspire!”

They remind us that life has its ups & downs but never the less it’s still good, so there’s no real reason to frown.
 They are radiant men and women who deliver messages that shower, upon anyone who desires to hear them talk about, passion, knowledge, wisdom and its power.
It’s comforting to hear them tell personal stories that are worth their weight in pure gold, its fire, and like magic, because they never seem to grow old.