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Joey L. Dowdy’s “LIFE, THE OPEN DOOR!”

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Do You Believe?

Life Is An Open Door to All Things Possible, “If You Believe.” It’s The Key to Life That Opens The Door.





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When Trouble Rises

Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay ever so focused and committed to reach your goal and or final destination.

Why? You Are Closer Than You Think?



Joey L. Dowdy’s “GET BACK ON YOUR FEET!”

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Move and Move Fast

 A Set Back Can Be Used As A Set Up For Success.

Let Hitting Rock Bottom Be Your Spring Board Back to Success.

It CAN teach you how to

1. Start Over Again.

 2. Develop Fresh New Ideas.  

3. Make Different Choices.

 4.  Put Your Priorities First.

 5. Separate Your Future Do’s From Your Past Do Not’s.

 6. Keep Pushing Forward. 

 7. Reveal Your True Strengths and Capabilities.




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It Happens All The Time

Hitting Rock Bottom Can Become A Solid Foundation In Which You Can Rebuild Your Life.

If You Use It In A Productive Way, It Can Be The Spring Board That Will “Propel You Straight to The Top. How so?

 Check Back, More Soon!




Joey L. Dowdy “CAN YOU WRAP?”

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Yes! No! Maybe?

Well, if you think not, you will be after doing this.  

Wrap Your Right Arm Around Your Left Shoulder, Then Repeat It by Wrapping Your Left Arm Around Your Right Shoulder, “Now Squeeze!”

 See, I knew you could wrap?




Joey L. Dowdy’s “UNTIL-U-TRY!”

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 You Never Know, Anything Could Happen.You Have No Idea What You Can Do, “Until – U-Try!”
Life Is Full of Surprises, and Sometimes It Includes Big Rewards For Those Who Try.
So Go Ahead, Give It A Try; Maybe This Time You’ll Hit The Jackpot.

Hey, You’ll Never Know “Until -U- Try!”Groove…


Joey L. Dowdy’s “CREATE A NEW PATH!”

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There’s No Need to Be Stuck in the Past. Nor do you have to continually live your life singing the Should have, Would have, or Could have blues. Today is a new day. So, Get Up & Turn Your Regret of the Past into Big Dreams For Your Future and Do This.  “Create a New Path For Yourself!”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Experience JOY!”

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Is all the somber, sad, and bad economic news starting to affect your life? Or maybe you already feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, and or experiencing a case of the doom gloom blues?

 Well, if you are, here’s something you should know. Neither one of these situations can reign supreme. Nor do they stand a chance of remaining a dominate force in your life if you have this, “JOY!”Why? It’s because joy is the good stuff that “Turns Darkness Into Delight!” The power of joy can change your black clouds into blue skies, or a rainy day mood into one that glistens with sunshine. Why? It’s because Joy Has The Bright Feeling of Hope.So how do you get it? It’s simple; all it takes is a little action and activation.It goes something like this, Believe You Deserve to Have Joy, Think Joy, See Your Life Filled with Joy,Affirm Joy,Give Others Joy, and Don’t Forget toAbsolutely Feel and Experience Every Chance You Get a Little Joy!”Groove…

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