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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GET YOUR BODY BACK!”

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FIVE STEPS To Help You Get with The Program.

1.Get Up Off Your Rump & Be Active (Dance, run, swim, walk, cook, cleaning etc.)

*Results: The sweat from these activities will help you to burn calories. Also know that a good physical work out will stimulate, rejuvenate, and elevate your mind & body.

 2. Get Rid of The Thought of You Starving Yourself.

*Results: It will cause you to eat more, as well as slow your metabolism down. It will lead to you gain weight, so instead eat!” Eat some healthy every four to five hours.

3. Get A Healthy Fab Food Plan Together. It should consist of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

*Results: These food combinations provide your body with suitable nutrition that induce lasting energy.

4. Get Your Strength Training On! Make it a (2- 3 times) weekly affair. It should consist of stretching, strengthening, and toning with such things like weight lifting, yoga, pilates etc.

*Results: It will help you to build muscle mass which is also your secret weapon to burning fat, and obtaining a longer leaner physique.

5. Get The Proper Sleep (7-8 hours nightly) You Deserve!

*Results: It will refresh your metabolism in its aid to help you to lose weight. So are you ready to get with the program; and Get Your Body Back? HMM, I thought So!



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No More Junk in The Trunk Solutions!

When you let go of the junk, by cleaning out your trunk, you’ll begin to see a new path and discover a bright future for your life. Here are a few helpful solutions.

*Don’t let the fear of failure stop you by doing what you were afraid of anyway.

*Combat your sadness and depression by surrounding yourself around positive images, things, and people that bring out the best in you. Spend each day working on something productive and joyful.

*Gain self-love and acceptance by learning to love yourself first, as well as know that you’re worthy of love.

* Stop being stress out on the job by first learning to take on projects you can complete one by one. Also it’s important to know that you get paid to take some time off work to refresh yourself. Now, go do it! 

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “FINISH FIRST!”

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Condition! Position!  Transition!

A Quote From Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!

“Beware of life’s predators who will try to take what’s yours. That’s when your knowledge/training can be used as power. Let it be the gasoline that fills your tank for life’s big race, so that you’ll make it over the finish line first, and gain your rightful place.”

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Positive! Supportive! Passionate!

Surround yourself with positive passionate people. You know, the beautiful people, who will be your allies. As they will be the ones who’ll back you regardless of whether they think your ideas and plans are brilliant, or a little nutty.

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What you learn is how to gain the mobility

To Live,

           To Give;

                           To Be!

Creating wealth isn’t necessarily about money; it’s more about having freedom. For example:

It’s having the freedom to live more.

It’s having the freedom to give more.

It’s having the freedom to be more of who you were really meant to be.

So I ask, “How are you creating wealth?”  Welcome to Freedom!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “ACTIONS!”

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Thoughts are good, but, “LET YOUR ACTIONS BE YOUR ATTRACTION!”









Joey L. Dowdy’s “EAT LIKE A WINNER!”

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Claim Your Prize!

Eating like a winner is what happens when you pass by the pizza and forget about those fries. Then take on a healthier lifestyle, and discover, it’s the “Ultimate Prize.”