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Joey L. Dowdy’s “I’VE GOT THIS!”

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Catch!  Control! Manage!

Groove On This: Let Your Lips Decree & Declare It!

Know that if you can say it then you will have it. So let me hear you say the three simple words with the power to pack a real punch, I’ve Got This!””>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “POWER TRIPPP!”

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Groove On This: Power is only useful when its plugged into a circuit or source. Therefore when you pull the plug; there goes the power.

Let’s face, it some people don’t know how to deal with authority. How so? Well, they…. More soon!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Authority! Control! Ownership!

Start Out As An Amateur; End Up A Pro!

An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

It was during this heated moment that Mr. T. worked up a fierce combination of moves. It was like a doctor on an operation table using a number of instruments that zipped,

zapped, diced and spliced. I mean these weren’t your ordinary run of the mill kind of moves either. These were fiery hot, chest popping, high kicking; booty-shaken concoctions that if drunk in liquid form would make even a witch doctor’s hair stand up a little higher on his head.

Now get this.

That’s when I realized he was no amateur, nor was this any lukewarm experience. Instead this was a glorious introduction of what was to become a daily sanctuary; a place for the finest of master teachers, just like him, to display their brilliant work. And it was very apparent to me that his authority, control, ownership, and strategic ways were nothing to be messed with. That’s why…… Read on!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “PLUG INTO YOUR

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                                 PERSONAL POWER!”

Make A Choice!

It’s a fact that you will go through tough times that can bring about pain, discomfort, and discouragement, such as, a job loss, a relationship break up, failed pursuits; financial setbacks etc. And it as well begs the  question and thought, “What do I do now?” Well, here’s the answer. You must “Make A Choice.”

Take Control!

  You can either make the choice to let your pain, frustration, and discouragement, take control over your life in a negative and destructive way by letting it stop you dead in your tracks. Or you can get your a groove on and “Plug Into Your Personal Power” by using these pain inducing situations to drive you.

Go forward!

Meaning, you can use them as fuel to turn things around to work for you in a productive way. How can you? You can do this by keeping in mind that tough times won’t last forever. Things will change. So, whenever adversity strikes, don’t let it stop you dead in your tracks. Instead, try switching lanes. Let the pain and frustration you feel from its impact drive you to maintain a positive outlook on life; and continue to move forward in spite of any unfortunate circumstance.

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy ‘s “DRIVE!”

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Mission! Motion! Movement!

Put Your Hands on The Wheel!

It’s time to stop being a passenger, and get behind the wheel and take control of your life. Know that everyone goes through struggles, it’s a part of life, but it’s no excuse to “Give Up or to Give In!” Instead, here’s what you should do.

Let Your Pain & Frustration fuel you to be driven to get your life in order, and then take it to the next level. How can you? It’s simple, “Put Your Hands On The Wheel And Drive!”

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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  A Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove Book 1

 Step Into Greatness! Perform!


“It made the wheels of my mind spin out of control every time it aired.

It was something that happened later during my early teen years. It was a reaction I had to a public service announcement or slogan that I heard on the radio, entitled “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” supporting the United Negro College Fund. Somehow hearing this message had a dramatic effect on me. How so? It captured my attention, and made the wheels of my mind spin out of control every time it aired. Why was this? Well, that’s the ironic part. I felt their message was totally inappropriate, demeaning, and a bit over the top. Please, let me explain. For one, I couldn’t believe they used words in it like “terrible” and “waste.” I thought to myself, “How dare they be so judgmental, bold, and harsh.”

For instance, I thought the judgmental part was their assuming this would happen to every kid. Also, I totally disliked them using the word “terrible” because it sounded so bold and brass. And I couldn’t believe they had THE NERVE to use the word “waste.” Why? It bugged me because it’s something I constantly heard my parents say I should never do. So as you can see, that commercial totally didn’t fly with me. In fact, it annoyingly got under my skin. Each time I heard it, it gave me a creepy feeling, as well as a deep sense of conviction. It felt like the UNCF was spying on me. It seemed as though they knew something about me that I didn’t. And boy, I was starting to feel the discomfort through every fiber of my being. It was like their commercial was purposely being directed towards me. However, here’s the trick: let the truth be told, it was directed towards me.

Want more? Go here: ebook/dp/B00KT7IVH8/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404082356&sr=1-1&keywords=get+up+and+groove”>Choreographer Instructor  Fitness</a>


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