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Joey L. Dowdy’s “RUB A DUB DUB,

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In 7 Sexy Sensational

Easy Breezy STEPS!

 Step 1. Cushion For Comfort!

Let start with the shoes first. You can add a new refreshing touch to your shoes with foot cushion odor eaters, because they not only absorb odor, they provide a soft comfortable surface that’ll make your shoes and feet feel Fab.  Note: If you want an added bonus try lightly sprinkling the insides of your shoes with a little foot powder; it’ll work wonders.

Step 2. Soak The Blues Away!

Now here’s the sensational part. After a hard day’s work the best way to wind down is to do two things. First you want to start out by kicking those shoes off, and then soak those tired baby’s in a nice hot tub or bathing bowl.  Now for a nice yet sexy finishing touch here’s what you do next.   Apply slowly, and lovingly, a little foot cream or lotion. Oh, so sexy!  What’ll be the Results?

“Your Feet Will Feel Like They’re in Foot Heaven.”

Step 3. Elevate with Ease!

Okay, now part two is to do this, Elevate Your Feet with Ease.  Like this: Lift your feet up in an inclined position either on a sturdy chair, or on a comfy sofa. Now for the big finish, Sit Back Relax and Enjoy Your Evening.

Step 4. Rub A Dub Dub! <Foot Massage>

I love giving and getting a good foot message, to me, it’s one of life’s more enjoyable pleasures. Here are a few options. You can either treat yourself with a monthly salon foot massage; manicure and pedicure included. Or if your funds are low, you can simply Do It Yourself.  Or you can have a loved one do it for you.  Here’s How.

Note: Start slowly using your thumbs and index finger, work on your toes first then move upwards through the middle of your foot and end at your heels.

 Step 5. Take A Stand!

If you experience numbness, or get that tingly pins and needle feeling from standing on your feet for long periods of time, try these two simple but sensational exercises.

Step 6. Circle of Life! <Foot Circle>

Hold on to a wall or another sturdy fixture, lift one foot off the floor but stay balanced on the other, extend the free leg out in front of you; lift the knee and circle the foot/ankle clock wise 8 times, then repeat it (circling) counter clock wise 8 time. Then switch to the other leg/ foot doing the same. The goal is to do 4 complete rep’s on both feet. What this will do is help to relieve foot tension as well as build better circulation.

Step 7. Flex & Get to The Point <Exercises> 

Position your body the same as the foot circle exercise holding on to the wall with one hand. The difference is when you lift your knee up slowly flex your foot towards your chest then stretch it to a point. The goal is to do 4 complete rep’s on both feet. What this too will relieve foot tension as well as build better circulation.

It’s all good, and the most importantly; it’s a great way to “Show Your FEET Some LOVE!” How Sexy Is That?

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