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Joey L. Dowdy’s “THE NOW’S HAVE IT!”

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No, they really do.

There is something so profound about what happens when you come to the realization that living your life in the now, is what was always meant to be.

 Check These Out!

*Now is the moment of truth

*Now is the appointed time

*Now do it like this, and see what happens.

*Now you’ve got it!

*Now listen to this!

*What happens now?

*Now that was a sight to be hold!

*Now get on with it; be about your business!

* Now watch this!

*Now is the day of salvation.

*Hey baby, what are you doing right now?

* I told you to clean your room, now!

* Now, don’t be late!

* Come together right now!

 * Watch me now!




Joey L. Dowdy’s “SELF MATTERS!”

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So, You Think You Don’t Matter? Well, if so, Ask Yourself These Seven Reality Check Questions! Then I’ll Tell You What I Think.

Okay, Here You Go!

*How can you motivate someone else if you can’t motivate yourself?

*How can you feel for someone else if you have no feelings for yourself?

*How can you care for someone else if you can’t care for yourself?

*How can you give to someone else if you can’t give to yourself?

*How can you live with someone else if you can’t live with yourself?

*How can you be with someone else if you can’t be with yourself?

*How can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself?

The verdict is the answers to these questions lie within you because, *Yes,Self Matters!”





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NO matter how hopeless, out of order, or control, your life may appear to be right now. You can make it if you are alive and still breathing. Are you? Yes! Good! Just checking and I’m glad! Why?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad your situation may look, remember it’s only a thing. It doesn’t define you.

So there is no need to worry; know that the hand that made you is divine. Just believe that you will be okay because “Miracles Do Happen” everyday.

You Can Go


*Tragedy to Triumph

*Stressed to Blessed

*Disability to Possibility

*Hopeless to Happening

*Set back to Come back

*Hot Mess to Holy Miracle

*No Way Out to An Unexpected Way In

*Being Done to Doing It & Doing It Well

*Pain to Pleasure

*Tears to Cheers

*Darkness Into the Marvelous Light