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Joey L. Dowdy’s “TAKE A GOOD LOOK!”

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High Quality!



Before U decide, know that it’s essential you first “take a good look.” As U do have options!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PLUG INTO YOUR

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                                 PERSONAL POWER!”

Make A Choice!

It’s a fact that you will go through tough times that can bring about pain, discomfort, and discouragement, such as, a job loss, a relationship break up, failed pursuits; financial setbacks etc. And it as well begs the  question and thought, “What do I do now?” Well, here’s the answer. You must “Make A Choice.”

Take Control!

  You can either make the choice to let your pain, frustration, and discouragement, take control over your life in a negative and destructive way by letting it stop you dead in your tracks. Or you can get your a groove on and “Plug Into Your Personal Power” by using these pain inducing situations to drive you.

Go forward!

Meaning, you can use them as fuel to turn things around to work for you in a productive way. How can you? You can do this by keeping in mind that tough times won’t last forever. Things will change. So, whenever adversity strikes, don’t let it stop you dead in your tracks. Instead, try switching lanes. Let the pain and frustration you feel from its impact drive you to maintain a positive outlook on life; and continue to move forward in spite of any unfortunate circumstance.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Choose This; Get That!”

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Life is all about Choices. These choices are what determine how you function on a daily bases. They are the determining factors in which help you to shape your, Mind, Body and Soul. Good choices and the results that follow can lead you towards living your live to its fullest, happiest, and most prosperous potential.

Yet selecting bad choices can lead you in a direction that has you settling for a life that’s mediocre, unfulfilling, and limited.   However, either way, it’s a choice only you can make. Therefore it’s vitally important you choose wisely.  

 ~So why not make it a Poetic Choice in your best direction.  

 “Choose This; Get That!” 

 *Doubt, it’s the easy way out.

 *Believe and you will certainly succeed.

 *Give in and you’ll never win.

 *Work and keep on working and it’s just a matter of when.

 *Eat nothing but junk; it’ll keep you in a funk.

 *Be in good health and you’ll learn it’s your “True Wealth. “

 *Prepare for what lies ahead; do be careful though, because procrastination is the mother of dread.

 *Live each day like it’s your last, laugh a little, have some fun and life will be a gas!

 *Dance, kick up your heels, strut your stuff, don’t worry about the haters, just let em` huff and puff!

 *Take on something big, bold, bright, or blue. Shh! Keep quiet, no one needs to know “You’re Only Doing You.

~Life is all about Choices; choices only you can make. So, Choose them wisely.





Joey L. Dowdy’s “Sexy Is,”?

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Hey guys, lately there’s been so much talk about what makes a person sexy. Should you believe all the hype? Let’s face it; we live in a visual world that is highly controlled by major media outlets like, reality television, music videos, magazines, newspapers, and fashion designers. They all have a huge influence on nearly every aspect of our lives, everything from what we eat, wear, where we live, who we should or shouldn’t date, and what our bodies should or shouldn’t look like.

Yet today the million dollar question still remains, “What is Sexy; is it truly in eye of the bolder, or is it in the hands of the money makers? Can we honestly make unfiltered individual choices about what sexy is and what it really means?

Many media outlet say it’s all about image and having the perfect package. Their emphasis and primary focus usually caters to what’s current, young, and hot! So I ask do we no longer need to be able to think for ourselves. Or have our media outlets taken complete control over what we think sexy should be.

Well, maybe this is a question you might have to decide for yourself. However, here’s a list that I’ve composed of what some adults are saying, “What they think is Sexy.” The results just might surprise you.

Yet the big question here is how many of their answers are similar to your own, and if not, will they rub off? Will it make you think about your own life, or will you just go with the flow and let society/media dictate what it means to you. How can you Develop Your Own Sexiness?

What is Sexy?

Sexy is natural, being yourself.
Sexy is having a nice swagger/walk.
Stronger enough for man but made for a woman.

Sexy is working with what you have.
Sex is an independent woman or man.
Sexy is confidence; having a good attitude.
Sexy is dressing well.
Sexy is a stimulation conversation.

Sexy is flirtatious & fun
Sexy is fore play.
Sexy is sweet and submissive.

Now, What’s Your Definition? Please share!

For the full list & story go to.

Joey L. Dowdy’s “Eat Yourself Skinny”PT.1

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What’s up Groovy People? It’s Joey L. Dowdy, World Dance Groove’s Choreographer/ Host/Instructor and Fitness Motivator.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase,

“I’m so Hungry, I could Eat A Horse.”

What about this popular saying,
I’m Starved; I Haven’t Eaten All Day?

Or, “Yeah I might miss a meal here and there, but that’s okay when I eat I Try to Eat Healthy.”

These are all common phrases that we know all too well.  So, the real question is, can you really make healthy food choices on a growling stomach? Let’s examine this theory.

 Healthy is a 7 letter word that’s often misused, especially when it comes to talking about eating properly. Healthy eating means you should choose foods that give your body the proper nutrients it needs. Those foods should then provide your body with more energy, strength, and lasting durability.

The word healthy as it applies to eating; its true meaning, often gets compromised when deprivation (Starvation) strikes a person.  It creates extreme hunger that makes the urge for food, and getting it quickly the main focus. It then weakens their ability to think clearly when trying to make healthier food choices, and out of desperation they end up reaching for just about anything.

 This is what usually happens when you skip meals, or end up as one might say it, “Starved.”

  * And if your goal is to get a slim body, you’ll never obtain it until you can remember this one thing.

 * Know that the greatest gift you can give, or buy yourself, is a good nutritious meal! Think about it!

It’s one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures!  So Why Deny Yourself?

Eat! Eat Yourself Skinny!

  How? Here’s what you need to know.
Step 1.
   “Skipping Meals Does Nothing Good For Your Body.”

 In fact it, “Slows Down Your Metabolism.” (Your Body’s Engine) Therefore as a result, you will be moving a step further away ( by gaining weight) from your ideal body size and or desired fitness goal.

However, Eating Regularly (Small Healthy Meals Every 4-5 Hrs) will speed up your metabolism ( you’ll lose weight) and you’ll find yourself getting several steps closer to a slimmer trimmer you.

 Note: Plus adding in a little Cardio Each Day will Help You Melt Those Pounds Away.”

 Now, Go Ahead! Eat! Eat Yourself Skinny!