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Joey L. Dowdy’s “UNTIL-U-TRY!”

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 You Never Know, Anything Could Happen.You Have No Idea What You Can Do, “Until – U-Try!”
Life Is Full of Surprises, and Sometimes It Includes Big Rewards For Those Who Try.
So Go Ahead, Give It A Try; Maybe This Time You’ll Hit The Jackpot.

Hey, You’ll Never Know “Until -U- Try!”Groove…


Joey L. Dowdy’s “KID-N-ME!”

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Summer Fun!

      Living The Good Life.

 Remember: There is a kid deep down inside of everyone. Now what’s important is not to forget to live the good life by letting him, or her, out to play. Wouldn’t you agree? I do too.

So, the “KID-N-ME” says it time for us all to have a little summer fun.




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*Win! Win! Win!

 What Does It Mean?  Winning is about doing your best no matter what the position; if it’s a 1st place or 3rd place.  Yet this is what it takes to become an “AUTOMATIC WINNER!” 

Know That: When You Step Up to Meet Any Challenge That Alone Automatically Makes You A Winner.”





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Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. Actually, they can be anybody’s best friend if you are fortunate enough to find one. How so?It’s because the sheer joy and excitement alone; not to mention the value they can be worth, is enough to make you tooSHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND.”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “WINK!”

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Questions That Make You Think, Can Become Answers That Make You Wink! So, Train Your Brain to WINK!



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         Plays It Back!

 Did you know that the Mind/Brain is a sensitive organ; it functions according to what it’s being feed? Did you know it’s also known as the great recorder?  What does it record?  Here’s what! It records “EVERYTHING” and the true is; it will at some point play back what it records.  So, my question to you is, do you know what yours is playing back? I would say probably not; because if you’re like most people you never think about.

 Well, that’s the problem; especially if you’re not getting out of your life “what you truly deserve.” Here’s why. You should always know what you’re feeding your brain; because what you give it results in the consequences or results that will follow. For example: If you’re constantly giving it rubbish by thinking and speaking negatively which does nothing but bring about feelings that produce anxiety, stress, fear, doubt and limitation.

 Then you can expect the results from the great recorder to play back your thoughts accordingly through your life. Therefore, in this case, your life will become a reflection of unfavorable circumstance you’ve unknowing created through your talk and thoughts.

However, now on the other hand, when your T & T (talk & thoughts) are positive you’ll see another side of the great recorder.  What will you see? You’ll find that the Play Back and Pay Back will be much more rewarding. How so? The results and the experiences of your will be different. Therefore you can expect a stimulating life that will flourish in delivering you the peace, joy, conquest, hope, and prosperity you deserve.

So, I ask, since this is your life and you get to make the choices,

What do you want the GREAT RECORDER to play back for you?  In fact, what is being played back in your life right now?



Joey L. Dowdy’s “SUCCESS Leaves Clues!”

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 So, I ask,

Do you know where to look?

Do you know how to find them?

Did you know they may be closer than you think?

Well, let me tell, you there is

 More Soon…