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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SHH…. LISTEN!!!”

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Conscious Effort!

Pay Attention!

Take Into Account!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PLEASE, CALL 911.”

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It’s Urgent!




Groove On This: The call on your life to do the thing/s you were meant to do is urgent.

Life demands you pick up the pace or you’ll get left behind! Can you hear the call, its 911 urgent!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “HOOK UP OR HANG OUT?”

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                           Get Together!

Groove On This: It’s Always Good to Know Your Intentions!  

                      An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove!”

                           Book 2 (Raw Material)

I think Ms. E might have been effected by all the chitter chatter that went on right before her class was about to take place.  Here’s the thing. The conversations were so loud that you would think people were at a basketball game rather than an aerobics class. Yet here’s what else I found amusing. For whatever reason it seemed like on that particular day everybody and their relatives decided to show up.

I’m saying this because the room was jammed packed like sardines in a can with people. I mean there was so much commotion going that it made me wonder if I was in the right place. Seriously, people were all over the place as well as I noticed how some appeared to be all over each other.

In fact, I thought for a moment what kind of place is this? Is this a hook up, oops I mean, hang out place or a gym? Aw, come on now, you know what I’m talking about. Oh don’t try to pretend like you’ve never been to a co-ed gym:) Like I said earlier, all the commotion might have had an effect on Ms. E because things suddenly and unintentionally took and interesting turn.

How so?  Well, she…… Stay Tuned For More.”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “FIERCE LIKE A GYPSY!”

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Aggressive! Profound! Intense!

An Excerpt from  “Get Up & Groove!” Book 2 (Raw Material) 

Command Attention

I met my friend Eli, a Hispanic male, about 12 years ago in Los Angeles.  I first saw him on a street corner performing a wild unruly, and rather sizzling hot, flamenco dance routine. I loved how it kept the nearby spectators, enthused, intrigued, aroused and in awe. Yet the most unusual thing was how he commanded the attention of his audience. He did so by letting his feet do the talking. As they were red hot and on fire; and also dressed in a pair of flamenco shoes fashioned with thick hard heels. His feet were like an instrument, a keyboard, and he used them to play interesting sounds and rhythms that seemed to seduce anyone who dared to stop and listen.

Stomp Loudly

However, the funny thing is it was a crisp winter’s night and you would have thought you were standing among a crowd of popsicles; not people. It’s because many were standing there frozen stiff; as though they were being engaged in a charming little spell that gypsy boy had just conjured up. As he was hard at work and there was no stopping him now. He was moving in full force stomping the ground hard, and I mean really hard; often coming down landing on two flat feet.

 Oh, there is more. Stay Tuned!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “DO SEE WHAT I SEE?”

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Dream! Vision! Attention!

Please be warned: Don’t be intimidated by the critics who can’t see what you see. Know that the vision you see for your life mostly won’t match that of others who can’t see what you see.

The fact is you will only go, in life, as far as you see yourself going. So, if you can’t see it, you can’t achieve it. However, on the other hand, when you see a vision for your life, don’t walk, run towards it.  Why? It’s because your vision needs immediate attention!

Groove ON….


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Acceptance! Validation! Being Noticed!

Well, are you an attention grabber? If not, “You Should Be!”

This is why. Statics state that it only takes about 10- 15 seconds; from the time you meet a person, to capture their attention. Yes! It’s a do, or don’t deal.

Yet here’s one thing I know for sure, “No one really wants to be invisible.” “Everybody desires to be noticed, and therefore seeks to get attention.” Why? It’s because being given attention makes you feel accepted, and or validated. That means, yes, we are all attention grabber’s. But what does it take to grab someone’s attention and hold on it for longer than 10-15 seconds? It takes this! Applying what I call, “The S.S.S. (Seven Simple Steps) Principles.” So get ready. Here they are.

Step 1. Look Your Best ( It shows your style, plus wearing what you like makes you feel comfortable and more relaxed!)

 Step 2. Stand Tall (Displaying good posture gives you grace, and poise.)

 Step 3. Show Some Eye Contact (It shows your confidence and care.)

Step 4. Smile Big! (It makes your beautiful face light up, as well as it gives you a chance to show off those pearly whites.

Step 5. Give A Strong Hand Shake! ( It shows your eagerness to meet, accept, and respect for the other person.

Step 6. Listen Intently to What The Other Person Has to Say. (It shows your interest.)

 Step 7. Respond with positive feed back about what the other person is saying. (It will keep all eyes on you, as well as show how attentive you were to what they said.)



Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “OWN THE ROOM!”

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Grab The Attention & Be Noticed!

Let Your Presence Make a Difference.

Have you ever noticed why some people when they walk into a room seem to get all the attention and others, well, they don’t so much? Yes, you have?

Have you ever thought, what do they seem to know that most others don’t?

Well let me tell you, it’s simple. The difference is they know how to make their presence known. When they walk in they simply “Own TheRoom.”

And Now So Will You. Just follow these Top 10 TantalizingAttention Grabbers.

1. Dress The Part; Look Your Best. < It Shows Your Style.>

2. Smell Good; Wear Your Best Cologne. < It’s Classy.>

3. Have Confidence in Yourself .<It’s A Big Turn On For Most.>

4. Watch Your Posture; Stand Tall. < It Gives You Poise.>

5. Show Eye Contact; Let Your Eyes Light Up . < It Shows You Care.>

6. Speak Slowly& Clearly. < It’s Intellectually Stimulating.>

7. Say Your Name; Then Repeat The Other Persons Name. < It Shows Your  You Are Attentive.>

8. Give A Good Solid Hand Shake . < It Shows Mega Confidence.>

9. Smile. < It ‘s An Attractive & Magnetic Characteristic.>

10. Be Yourself. < It’s True, There Is No As Unique As You.>

See, You too can “Own The Room.”