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Energy! Apply! Attempt! 

Will it be enough to face a certain reality?

An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove!”

Book 2 (Raw Material)                

So it didn’t matter how hard Eli shook, or how big he smiled. The fact is it appeared as though his shimmy shaking efforts did nothing to impress these cold and calloused bystanders. Now what’s interesting is how this small niche group of individuals seems to work. Like I said, they enjoy trying to intimidated people. And in this case they did so by showcasing their dislike in his performance through a display of pain staking snares and glares. In fact, their unpleasant vibe and unsettling ways were more than enough to make even the most dedicated groupie think twice about wanting to hang around.

Picture this: It was enough to make a ground hog see his shadow; and then decide to take a frantic flying leap back into his hole. 

Interesting enough though, I think this shocking revelation is what made Eli realize, like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz, that he too was no longer in Kanas. And that his flirt with danger was no longer just a thought, or a fantasy, but it had now become a full blown reality. How so? Well, it all started during…..

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Immediately! Present time!  Currently!

It’s not about what happened then (in your past) but rather, it’s about what’s happening now!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>