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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GIVING IS A GIFT!”

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Effort! Energy! Enthusiasm!                

It’s The Action That Counts!

You don’t necessarily need money to give. Sure, it’s okay if you have it, but if not, don’t be dismay. Here’s why! It’s because you possess some within you, others things, that are just as valuable. Remember, it’s not about the money that counts, but it’s your actions, they are what make the difference.

Check out these five action packed ways to give. You can give,

             *Your Time,

                   *Some Encouragement,

                           *Your Expert Advice,

                               *Personal Acknowledgement,

                                         *A Nice Smile.

Now get business and use your gift. Give!

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Wisdom! Knowledge! Encouragement!

Don’t Try to Do Life or Achieve Success Alone.

No one can make in life all by themselves, it’s impossible. You need help, someone you can confide in who’ll guide to through it. So why not do this, start out by “choosing a role model.” Why? They have important tools and key elements you will need in order to reach, or maximize, your ultimate goals and achievements.

 List below are three beneficial components Wisdom, Knowledge, and Encouragement! Here’s what they and role models can offer you.

 Role models (Wisdom!) They have insight; and have been where you are trying to get go, so be assured they know the ropes.

Role models (Knowledge!) When you adhere to their priceless advice it could save to time, money, and frustration. It could also help you to define, and or see, a clearer vision for the path you need to take. 

Role models (Encouragement!) When times get hard and the world tries to put you down, it’s important to remember this. You can always count on their inspiring and thought provoking words to be the stuff you need to lift you back up.  So let it be fuel that sets you ablaze to move on past any rough, or tough, situation.

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Exercise Your Mind

I can truly attest to this, and I’m so glad I had a few male role models in my life. One in particular, Marshall Jacks who was a multitalented African American male performer, choreographer, and dynamic teacher. It was his positive influence that taught me to erase the words, “I can’t”, and pencil in “I can.” I thank him for believing in me when I didn’t know if I believed in myself.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “ IT’S ABOUT ACTION!”

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Talk is Cheap.

Let Your Actions Be The Attraction.