Joey L. Dowdy’s “YOUR NORMAL IS


Doesn’t Fit!


                    General Rule!

Groove On This: Value Has U R Name Written All Over It!”

Think your life adds little to no value to someone else’s because in your eyes it’s only normal, or at best average? Well if so you just might be surprised to know that not everyone sees it, or you, that way.

Actually, it’s because “Your Normal Is Someone Else’s Exception!”

Check This Out.

*Your Normal (My profession? Oh, I ‘m just a stay at home mom or dad!)      

Someone Else’s Exception (I dream of the day I’m able to spend more time with my kid’s, and to raise a family just like you.

*Your Normal (I ‘m only an intern!)

Someone Else’s Exception (Wow, I can’t believe you actually get the opportunity to work for such a reparable company.

*Your Normal (I dread the tedious task of having to get up and work out three days a week.)

Someone Else’s Exception (Girl, you’re looking good! I wish I had the time, and discipline, to get in shape like you.

Remember: Never take your life, or what you have to offer for granted. It’s because what might seem normal to you could offer great abnormal value to someone else. 

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