Joey L. Dowdy’s “U LITTLE THIEF!”




Groove On This: Problems Will Come and Problems Will Go!”

Did you know that worry is a thief, and it comes to steal your joy? No, you didn’t? Well it is, and it will if you let it.

So the question is how can you protect yourself from this little intruder?

Here’s what you do. When you start to feel stressed out, depressed, or even fearful that something in your life may not work out, try this.

Take a deep breathe in, yeah, I mean do it right now! Then exhale and let it out. Okay, did you do it? And if you did, are you still alive? YOU ARE? Well, what more are u waiting for, “Celebrate Your Being Alive.” Why should you? Here’s why!

Know that it’s your secret weapon and it will handcuff, convict, sentence, and put any little thief who’s trying to steal your goods (joy) behind bars. So why spend your precious time worried about something that’ll eventually work out anyway.

 Instead, “Live Your Life with Joy!””>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



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