Joey L. Dowdy’s “OUT WITH THE OLD


Replace! Invent! Supplement!

Groove On This: It Will Remain The Same if U Don’t Make The Change!

A New Year and a New You start with saying, “out with the old and in with the new!” It’s letting go of what didn’t work, and then inserting what does. It’s the new –vs- the old.

Here are ten examples: It’s

*Opened minded -vs- Closed Minded,

*Willingness –vs- Stubbornness,

*Fresh Ideas-vs- Same Old Ideas,

*Smart Choices-vs- Not So Smart Choices,

* Sky Is The Limit-vs- Living with Limits,

*Fitness-vs- Flabbiness,

*Action Steps –vs- Lip Service,


*Planning It –vs-Winging It ;

*Going with The Flow-vs- Swimming Against The Current.  Got It? Good!

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