Which One Will You Choose?

Petition (appeal, demand, against)

Why be stressed and worried by petitioning and making a list (mentally or physically) of all things that are going wrong in your life?  Like a lost job, a failed relationship, lack of finances, or having to unwilling relocate to a new place etc.

Praise (admire, thankful, except)

When it’s just as easy to just chill out, be happy, and stay focused on the things that are going right? Now here’s the deal.  Know that either way, petition or praise, it’s a choice you make. Yet I advise you to be careful which one you choose!

Groove On This: When you create a petition of your life’s wrongs it will only result in more frustration. In addition, you’ll end up getting nowhere with a list of things you simply have no control over anyway. However, when you stand in praise of all the good things life has given you. You will see things from a much more hopeful perspective. Like what happens when you take note of life’s fond and unforgettable memories, the countless number of second or perhaps third chances you’ve been given, and the stack of unexpected breakthroughs you somehow seem to just rack up on.

  Results: Doing so will lead you to a very important discovery. It’s that your list of praises will be much longer than your list of petitions.

So, how will you live your life in petition or praise?”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

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