Joey L. Dowdy’s “ JUST A LITTLE BIT


                             Healthy! Whole! Happening!

Here are three simple fat burning, body tightening, slim and trim tips. They’ll help you to Whittle, Whittle; Get Down That Middle.

 1. Cut Down on Sugary / Fatty/ and Salty Foods such as sweets, (cookies, cakes, pies, candy etc.) fried, (chicken, burgers, fries,) soda, as well as (fruit juices, energy drinks, sweetened water etc.) Note: Try to go as natural as possible with whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains etc.)

Results: Doing so will help to decrease your hunger!

2. Walk or Jog For 30 Minutes <six days> a week.  

 * Results: Doing so will help you to burn fat!

NOTE: I know you have a business schedule. However, keep this in mind. If you don’t put your health and well-being first, then you won’t a schedule at all.   So it”s important to“MAKE THE TIME!”

Note: Like with all exercise, it’s good to check with your doctor first. Then once he gives you the green light, here’s one thing to keep in mind.

<Take things slowly at first.>

Work Your Way Up to 30 minutes if you’re just starting out! Try this, start with ten minutes the first two weeks, and then add on an extra five minutes every other week.

3. Set Up  A Daily Abdominal Workout plan and do a few sit ups, or crunches.

Note: Once again remember to go slowly; know that it’s not necessarily how many you do. Yes it’s true, “ Just A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way!” However, please don’t stop at just two or three, try to make it pass 10 if you can.

<Don’t forget: the most important thing is to get the maximum benefit from your workout by using the correct form such as, keeping your chin lifted, getting your shoulders off the floor, and controlling the movement when lowering down.>

*  Results: Doing so will help you to Whittle, Whittle; Get Down That Middle.

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

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