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RISE! (Crawl)

               MOVE! (Walk)

                            ASCEND! (Run)

 Start Your New Year Off with “Putting Your Best Foot Forward!”

 Every successful endeavor first begins with a plan that takes you through the process then links up the progress of success.

 Here are seven steps that’ll help you prevail as well as create a new frame work for your goals and desires in 2015. Step 1.

  1.  Be Specific About What You Want! Don’t just make it a thought; instead make it a reality by applying step two.

Step 2. Keep It Real; Know What Will Work For You!  Don’t believe all the hype. Like what you might ask?  It’s like this. It’s not wise to believe that you will lose five pounds each week if you maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and manage your stress levels. But you could feasibly lose one or two pounds a week with such a plan if you keep up the consistency. Note: Here’s the even bigger bonus. Losing the weight slowly will result in you not gaining it back so quickly if you happen to make a slip up.:) Now step three. 

Step 3.Write Down Your Goals/Desires. That’s write, there is something magical about putting pen to the paper. For some good reason it seems to help manifest what it is you desire, and it also links to step four.


Step 4. Post Them. Put them in a place where you can look at them daily. I suggest you refer to it as memory your board, or as something that’ll help keep you on track for step five.

Step 5.  Check in on Your Progress Each Week. Doing so will show while you are on the journey what hit, misses, and or adjustments you might need to make.  Yet don’t be dismayed because step six will have your back.

Step 6. Don’t Get Discouraged; Stay The Course No Matters What Happens. As you know life has its ups, downs, and an occasional turn around.

However, remember this, if things don’t go as planned don’t throw in the towel. Don’t let whatever efforts you brought forth go to waste. If you get to a point where you realize you’ve fallen off the wagon, do this, dust yourself off, get back on it and keep on riding.  Because you’ll be happy you did when you pull up to step seven.

Step 7.  Reward Yourself Along The Way! The main thing to remember is that all steps big or small are equal when you’re on the road to personal achievement, and to becoming the best you can be. So it’s important, remember to reward yourself along the way.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PLAN TO PREVAIL;

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NOT FAIL, IN 2015!” Forward! Motion! Succeed!


Make This The Best Year Yet!

Food For Thought: A New Year’s Resolution can be tough to keep because it can make you wonder, ponder, and sometimes lose a little sleep. However, this year you won’t worry like you used to or even seem to be dismayed. Because I have a plan that will help you put your Best Effort Forward and Call It a Day. Are You Ready? Stay Tuned For More.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “EAT THE WHOLE THING!”

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Longer! Lasting! Loving!

BEWARE: Processed foods are load with artificial ingredients and additives like high fructose corn syrup, which has added enzymes to make the product sweeter. Also don’t forget to watch out for foods containing hydrogenated oils, which is a chemically induced process used to turn it into a solid form.

So your best bet is to stick with whole foods which are much more nutritious, satisfying, and have a longer effect, especially when it comes to curbing your appetite. Plus instead having just a little bit you can “Eat The Whole Thing!”

Here’s a few Quick Tips:

*Try a hand full of nuts instead of chips.

Chow down on a small bowl of fresh grapes instead of M&M’S.

*Delight yourself with a half turkey sandwich; it’ll be more filling than the same calories’ worth or pretzels.

*Get your crunch on with your favorite protein bar (which will give you way more lasting energy) than eating a small vending machine bag of chocolate chip cookies.


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Joey L. Dowdy’s “C, THAT’S HOW IT WORKS!”

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Ability! Ambition! Awarding!

     Turn Your C’s Into An A+

How can you? It’s as simple as this. Studies show that fruits and vegetables containing top sources of vitamin C such as oranges, mangos, strawberries, kiwi, bell peppers (red) and broccoli etc. could be equal to an A+ in value. How so? These sources are exactly what you need, when it comes to giving your body what it needs, to fight off soreness and colds. Okay now, it’s time to get a groove on so you can, “C How It Works!”



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Joey L. Dowdy’s “ JUST A LITTLE BIT

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                             Healthy! Whole! Happening!

Here are three simple fat burning, body tightening, slim and trim tips. They’ll help you to Whittle, Whittle; Get Down That Middle.

 1. Cut Down on Sugary / Fatty/ and Salty Foods such as sweets, (cookies, cakes, pies, candy etc.) fried, (chicken, burgers, fries,) soda, as well as (fruit juices, energy drinks, sweetened water etc.) Note: Try to go as natural as possible with whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains etc.)

Results: Doing so will help to decrease your hunger!

2. Walk or Jog For 30 Minutes <six days> a week.  

 * Results: Doing so will help you to burn fat!

NOTE: I know you have a business schedule. However, keep this in mind. If you don’t put your health and well-being first, then you won’t a schedule at all.   So it”s important to“MAKE THE TIME!”

Note: Like with all exercise, it’s good to check with your doctor first. Then once he gives you the green light, here’s one thing to keep in mind.

<Take things slowly at first.>

Work Your Way Up to 30 minutes if you’re just starting out! Try this, start with ten minutes the first two weeks, and then add on an extra five minutes every other week.

3. Set Up  A Daily Abdominal Workout plan and do a few sit ups, or crunches.

Note: Once again remember to go slowly; know that it’s not necessarily how many you do. Yes it’s true, “ Just A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way!” However, please don’t stop at just two or three, try to make it pass 10 if you can.

<Don’t forget: the most important thing is to get the maximum benefit from your workout by using the correct form such as, keeping your chin lifted, getting your shoulders off the floor, and controlling the movement when lowering down.>

*  Results: Doing so will help you to Whittle, Whittle; Get Down That Middle.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “WHITTLE, WHITTLE,

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Firm! Fit! Fabulous!

Can’t zip, or button up those jeans like you use to?

 Can’t fit into that little black dress anymore?

 Are you tired of looking at loose skin, or a belly bulge?

Well, if so, I’m here to tell you it’s time to “Belly Up! Oops, I MEAN DOWN.” Yes, it’s time to “Whittle, Whittle; Get Down That Middle!”

But before I suggest a few tips on how to do so, it’s most important to first know why. Check out this vital information. It’s like this. When you have a protruding belly it becomes more than just something that gets in the way of you maintaining your (firm, fit & fab) good  figure. Actually, it’s goes much deeper. Here’s how.

Belly fat is among the most dangerous to have on your body, as it is known to be associated with one of the causes related to diabetes and cancer. What you also may not know is this. A protruding belly becomes an incubator, or a storage place, for such diseases to live in and to spread throughout your body.

So this is another reason why you want to make every effort to “Whittle Down That Middle!”

How can you? Like this!

More soon:

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “MONEY FOLLOWS”

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Attract! Attach! React!

So You Better Watch Out, It Could Be Coming to Get You!

More soon…

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