Joey L. Dowdy’s “SLY AS A FOX”!

Challenge! Conflict! Set Back!

Failure Is Sly As A Fox.

I see U have learned something new. You might not see it that way, just yet, but you will. What am I talking about? I’m talking about failure, or the notion of thinking you might have. Please let me explain. You might think every time you attempt to do something new, or unfamiliar, and it doesn’t work out, you’ve failed? Am I Right? Well, here’s the reality. You did, but only if you see it that way. The truth is failure has a sly fox way of tricking people into thinking negative about the outcome of a situation that’s often full of positives scenarios.

Lessons Learned

Here’s what else: Failure also tries to get you to focus solely on what when wrong, or didn’t work in, rather than what lessons you could have learned from each attempt.

For instance, every attempt you make to step out of your comfort zone to either follow heart’s desire, or to simply try something new has life lessons written all over it. Lessons that bring with it an opportunity to learn, create, re group, reroute, grow, produce, get better, move slower, move faster, stock up, size down, to put on the breaks, or to go full steam ahead.

Now,do you see failure and its sly fox ways? Are you ready to take it head on? See, I thought U learned Something New!

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