Joey L. Dowdy’s “FALL’S FAB FOUR,

                         FITNESS PLAN!

Step 1,

1. Eat A Good Nutritious (Healthy) Breakfast.

I added this as the first thing on your active list because it will help you to start your day off right. Here’s why! Eating foods that provide healthy nutrients will instantly give you Brain power, as well as fuel your body with the energizing power it needs. Like what you’ll get by doing Step 2,

2. Eat More Often

Make it a good habit to eat something healthy and Nutritious every 4 or 5 hours like fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (which will help you stay revved up all day) plus provide your body with the daily fiber it needs. But don’t forget it’s important also to add in a little lean protein such as, a hand full of nuts, a cup of yogurt, or even munch on a few pieces of low fat Mozzarella cheese sticks, or squares. (These are All Good Breakfast Treats Too!) And they go well with helping you to do Step 3,

3. Drink More Water)

  It’ll help keep your body hydrated, refreshed, and give you more energy in aiding you to do this, Step 4.

4. Stay Active. Here’s a fact. Most people think when it comes to exercising if they’re not working out at the gym or doing exercises that make them drip with sweat it’s not effective, which is not true. In fact, it’s a big misconception. Hey, don’t get me wrong. Yes! Doing cardio exercises like running, boxing, or dancing are all great ways to condition your heart.  However, it’s not the only way to burn calories and to get your blood flowing. There’s another very important statistically proven way that’s often over looked, that works as well.

What is it? It is doing task driven( in motion) activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening,  fixing things/ or repairing, or simple activities like, taking the stairs instead of the elevator for short flights, or if you’re working a desk bound job, stand up while talking on the phone, and or if possible pace around instead of sitting down.

Now here’s the big shocker, research studies show that doing such things actually burn about 70% of daily calories. WOW! Now, Get to washing those left over dishes.



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