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Make It A Date To Get Things Done!

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Joey L.Dowdy’s “THANK YOU!”

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        For Still Ticking…

Cardio Activity is A Nice Way of Telling Your Heart,

Thank YOU!” 
       Be Active!               
               Give Thanks!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “DROP IN!”

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Reality @ Work
School is the birth place where dreams are shown there vision; where careers are made manifest into reality. It’s the place where you go to DROP IN; NOT OUT!

It’s Reality @ Work.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “BERRY GOOD!”

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Taste & See The Benefits!

Red, Blue, & Black are colors for some of the most popular berries. These bitter sweet summer treats are filled with total delight and amazement. How so might you ask? They have wonderful bodylicious benefits. Such as berries,

 Make a delicious snack

 Pack themselves with nutrients and vitamins

 Richly provide our bodies with flavonoid anthocyanin, which reduces inflammation.

 Promote healthy arteries.

 Lowers the risk of heart attacks through their antioxidant association.

 Blend in wonderfully with a scoop of low fat ice-cream or yogurt for a cool chilling smooth shake. YUM!

 Go great as a breakfast condiment, and can be a flavorful additive to your hot or cold cereal.

 Gives you a great energy boost, just rise off, pop them in your mouth and away you go.


Joey L. Dowdy’s “WORK + PURPOSE =

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Your Job May Make You Money but You Make It Meaningful. How can you? Here’s how!

Apply these twelve daily steps and you will be a big success.

1. Value Yourself.

2. Know what skills you bring to the job.

3. Let your talents shine.

4. Have a purpose that goes beyond just a dollar figure; know what else will keep you motivated.

5. Make it a mission to always do your best.

6. Never underestimate your ability; anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

7. Plan to work, and work the plan.

8. Listen closely to details because in them lie clues to a successful outcome.

9. Be willing to do more and, or possibly, tasks others won’t do. Why? The knowledge and experience you’ll get will take you further than you can imagine.

10. Learn, Learn, Learn everything you can, and don’t stop, it’s one of the keys to your personal growth.

11. Encourage team work; know that no one can make it alone; having the support of a good team is important and invaluable.

12. Don’t forget you, YES YOU, have the capacity to touch and change lives. Like they say, “If you’re willing to help others get what they want, you will get what you want.”

And it also confirms that Work+ Purpose = Success!


Joey L. Dowdy’s “WHAT YOU SEE,

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Whenever There’s A Doubt “See Your Way Out!” Like these four see’s for example.

*See Yourself in the Future and You’re Looking Great!
*See Things in Your Life Taking a Turn For the Better!
*See Opportunities Knocking Like Never Before!
*See Your Life with No Limits!

So if you don’t like the cards, or hand, life has dealt you thus far, remember You Can Change It. But you will only go as far as you can see, because “What You See Is What You Get!”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “HEY! WHAT GROWS YOU!”

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Do You Know?

Check This Out!

“Motivation Gets You Going, However, Discipline Is What Gets You Growing!”

How So? It’s like This.

 “Motivation Gets You Fired Up; Discipline Makes You Get Down, to Doing What It Takes To Achieve Your Ultimate Goals.

So, Hey! What Grows You?