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Tighten Up Your Body

Feel Good & Look Hot!”

8 Great Slimming Summer Solutions!

Tank Tops, Shirtless, Shorts, & Bikinis are all clues that winter has pass and spring has been sprung. So now, ”Ready or Not,” here comes summer! And it’s Time to “Show Some Skin.”

However, if you feel like many others, caught off guard, and unprepared to show some skin, don’t freak. Or perhaps you’re still hanging onto a few unwanted pounds that you need to let go of?

Well, if so, I ‘m here to say, “It’s not too late to get into shape.” I have eight great slimming solutions that’ll help you Shrink Into Summer, and Tighten Up Your Body.

Your journey to feeling good and looking hot starts now. Here are your solutions.

1. Drink Plenty of Water: It will

Replenish fluids and Keep You Hydrated.

Make You Want to Eat Less)

2. Forget about skipping breafast:(a good healthy one should consist of whole grains, fruit, and protein. It will….

Boost Your Metabolism

Give you more energy and “go power” that’ll hang around for a while.

3. Filled Up On Juicy Fruitslike watermelon, cherries, strawberries, berries, cantaloupe etc.

They are low in calories, packed with nutrients and vitamins, plus they are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. They too will provide you with an energy boost.

4. Stay Active(Swim, dance, play volley ball, hike etc.) It will help you to*Burn Calories;

Build Stamina

5. Sweat, Sweat, Sweat! It will help you to

Release Toxins;

Cleanses Your Pores.

6. Don’t Eat Too Late < Get A Cut Off Time> It will

Prevents the intake of excessive calories right before sleep time.

7. Work Your Core Muscles< Do a few crunches, isolations, take the stairs>

Doing even ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes every other day will go a long way.)

*Shrink Down That Waist Little by Little.

Be Consistent and You Will Visually See & Feel The Difference.

8. Crank Up The Fun < Laugh More Often)

Go deep; a good hearty laugh will also help you tighten up that mid section. And as you know, it simply “Feels So Good.”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “ALL WORK & NO PLAY!”

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All Work and No Play Will Make Your Life As Dull As A Used Razor Blade. And It’ll Make You As Equally Effective.

So, Sharpen Your Blade,

Cut A Rug,

Loosen Up;

Have Some Fun!





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What Do You Intent to Do?

You must know that losing weight, finishing school, getting that dream job, being financially set, all these things require you have a plan that will move you in the right direction to achieve them.

So yes, success is intention and nobody succeeds by accident.



Joey L. Dowdy ‘s “WILL IT, WORK IT;

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These are three things you must do if you want to get what you desire.

Will IT: (Think About & Then Speak Your Request!)

Work IT: (Put It Into Action!)

Wait On IT: (Look For Your Desired Results!)



Joey L. Dowdy’s “ARE YOU HIGH?”

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Life Is Too Short Not To Be Able To,

Spread Your Wings And Fly!

Okay, what I mean is, when it comes to living out your dreams and following your passion. So I ask, “AreYou High?” Not sure? Well let’s find out, please answer these questions.

Do you love (work wise) what you do?

Do you find it hard to sleep because you can’t wait to get up the next day and pursue it?

Does it bring you joy and fulfillment?

Does it bring out your personal best, as well as your creative side?

Do you enjoy sharing this excitement with others?

Do you feel like what you are doing is making a difference not only in your life, but it’s also helping others as well?

Do you feel like your life would be incomplete if you couldn’t do it?

Now if you answered yes to these questions, I’m here to inform you my friend that, “You Are High.”
Yes, you’re on a natural high that ideally only living your dreams and passions can bring. And if you answered no to these questions, it’s time you start to live the life you so desire.

Remember:It’s never too late to Spread Your Wings and Fly, and travel on a cloud with millions who don’t mind living life on a Natural High.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “EGGSCELLENT!”

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Oh! What Benefits They Have!

Did you know that studies say eggs are good for you and to provide many enlightening healthy benefits? Yes, They do.  And no matter what style you choose, whether it’s scrambled, poached, or hard boiled, you still get to reap the rewards.

Oh! How Eggsexceptual don’t you think? Okay!

Listed below are FIVE FABULOUS cracking delicious reasons why you should make eating them a daily healthy choice.

 Here’s what they do.

* Provide your body with vitamin D which comes from the yolk, and is great for your skin.

* Deliver a good source of protein. (2. 7 grams per egg)

* Produce a low calorie delight. (75 calories each)

* Give you nine essential amino acids.

* Make a good portable treat.

Now isn’t that “Eggscellent?”




Joey L. Dowdy’s “DEAD or ALIVE?”

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Life Has Seasons

What May Look Dead is Ever So Alive

If your dreams appear to be dead because it looks like they’re not moving ahead, or fast enough, don’t be alarmed. Here’s why. What you need to know is the appointed time for them tofully flourish has not arrived yet. Life has seasons.

In Due Season

It means everything will happen in its time. For example flowers blossom during a certain time, and so does all other vegetation. Another example would be grass that’s out of season. Have you ever noticed during the winter months how it looks brownish, dull, brittle, dry, and often like its dead? However, it is not and there is a good reason why.

Spring UP!

The reason why is, it’s alive, and if you keep wateringandnurturingit, when the season arrives nothing can stop it from springing up to become the lush green lawn it was meant to be.

Continue the Pursuit

This is much like your dreams and desires.If you continue to pursue them with a strong belief; see, feel, and take the necessary action steps to continue moving forward not matter what. You’ll discover, in due season, what may look dead is ever so alive and happening.