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Good Things Are Happening Everyday

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you and presenting you with the unexpected. Now here’s the thing. We all know that living life comes with learning how to take the good with the bad.

Yet no matter how bad a thing may appear to be, when the storm (challenge) is over, you can always count on finding a rainbow in the clouds.If you believe, picture, and expect good things tohappen. Why?

It’s because life is so good to us, and we should always be on the look out to “Meet The Unexpected.”

For example you might encounter an unexpectedfavor, an unexpected lucrative and prosperous find, an unexpected mental and or physicalbreakthrough, an unexpected


promotion, an unexpected financial gain,an unexpected healing, an unexpected trip or travel, an unexpected boost of self- confidence, or an unexpected meeting with that someone special



Joey L. Dowdy’s “IT SPEAKS & LISTENS!”

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 Can You Hear It?

A small inner voice, a hunch, or an idea, all are ways the universe communicates with you. It hears you all the time, even when you are a sleep.

The good book says, “Day after day it pours forth speech; and night after night it displays knowledge. “    

So know that “It Speaks & Listens!”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “U MUST SEE IT!”

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Your Future Depends On It.

If You Don’t See A Future For Yourself And Work Towards Having It, You’ll Remain Where You Are.
So Move Ahead, See, Work, and Have The Future You Deserve.


Joey L. Dowdy’s” FEEL NEW AGAIN!”

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Feel New Again

Did you know Music could have an age defying secret? No? Well it just might, and *vitality is the key that unlocks the door. Check This Out!

Research studies reveal that a group of men in their 70s and 80s after a week of listening to music they enjoyed during the 50s, a time when they experienced their lives to have much more vitally, made them mentally and physically feel the same way they did back then.

Results: They became measurably stronger, plus it also renewed their enthusiasm to keep rekindling those feels, and memories, long afterwards.

So, this should be an encouragement for all of us to “Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf!


Joey L. Dowdy’s”MAKE NO APOLOGY!”

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It’s All Good.

Don’t worry about if some people don’t like what good things are happening to you.  It’s their problem, not yours, if they’re not happy for you.

Please know your happiness, good health; and prosperity is given to you by divine order. It was meant for you to have all the things you’re receiving.

However, know this, they are only temporary gifts sent from up above for your enjoyment.

So be thankful, and you do just that,
Enjoy Them; and Make No Apology!”

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Know Your Position; And You Can Change Your Condition!”

POSITION: You Can & Will Succeed If You Stay Positive & Keep Moving Forward!

CONDITION: The Odds May Appear to Be Stacked Against You, But That’s Okay, Just Restack Them In Your Favor. 



Joey L. Dowdy’s “START LIVING!”

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<Do It Now>

You Can’t Relive Yesterday, It’s Too Late, But You’re Certainly On Time To Start Living Today!