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Joey L. Dowdy’s “WORDS!”

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Your Choice of Words Can Make A Difference.

                 (A Poetic Difference)
*The power of your words can either lift some up, or tear them down.
*The difference is though when you choose to use them in a caring way that doesn’t cut, hurt, or cause people to frown.
 *All because your positive words and affirmations can make others smile. In fact, it can have such a positive effect on them that’ll even linger for a while.
*The reason why is everyone desires to be complimented, and or to receive a little healthy praise.
*Especially when they’re going through tough times that appears to be their darkest days.
*So make it a choice to use the power of your words, and present them like an unexpected gift. You know, the kind that catches people by surprise who’ll then say, “Thank you; I needed a little lift.”

Joey L. Dowdy’s “ADDICTED TO DANCE?”

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Can’t Get Enough?

Get Fit, Look Fierce & Feel Fabulous!

Check This Out!

Are you like millions of others who are addicted to dance right now, but don’t know exactly why? Yes, you are? Hmm!

Well, let me tell you why. But first take this three question survey.

1. Do you find it hard to resist standing up to imitate the dance moves every time you hear the song, or see the Gangnam style video?

2. Have you, your friends, or co-workers, created your very own Harlem Shake dance video?

3. Are you having a blast, going wild, and sweating up a storm learning all the hot new Zumba and or Afro- Latino dance moves?

Okay, if your answer is yes to any of these, it means you are officially “Addicted to Dance.” Here’s why and what you may not know.

Dance has many great benefits to help you Get Fit, Look Fierce & Feel Fabulous.

Check These Out & Off Your List.

<Get Fit!>

`Sweat up a storm.

`Burn calories & fat.

`Shape up & Tone Up.

<Look Fierce!>

`Learn some hot dance moves.

`Strike a pose.

`Strut your sexy stuff on dance floor, or in own video.

<Feel Fabulous!>

`Build up your confidence.

`Have a Blast.

`Be Creative.



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A Love Story

One day joy and health, who both had heard so much about each other, finally met in passing. Yet when they met, they realized there was an instant attraction. So joy said, “Health, it’s so nice to meet you.” And then health responded by saying, “Joy, it’s my pleasure; it’s so nice to meet you too.”

Next they both said simultaneously, “I’ve heard so much about you. We must meet again soon.” So they did. However, this time they arranged to keep meeting again, again, and again. Until one day they discovered they simply couldn’t live without each other. They were a perfect match, and an inseparable bond.

Final Outcome: They lived happily ever after.

Well, That’s What Happens “When Joy Meets Health.”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “LIGHTEN UP & LAUGH!”

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Humor Has It!

*When you laugh the pressures of life will fade. It will turn the bitter into sweet; like a cool glass of lemonade.

*So why let stress,problems, or your headaches put you in a strain?

 *Instead, I recommend a good dose of laughter, in which, you’ll find a great deal to gain.

*It’ll keep you Cheerful,Youthful, and Energized, if you make it a point to do so.

*Lighten Up; today, feel its healing power and you’ll certainly want to,

  “Give It A Go!”




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When you understand you position you can then change your condition.

For example:
Condition: You might feel like you will never get beyond living a depressed, down in the dump, or defeated kind of life.
Position: Know that you were created and meant to rule, rise, rock, and reign if it you continue to live, be, do, and to give your best.
Now, “Do You Understand Your Position?”

Joey L. Dowdy’s “THAT’S TOO MUCH!”

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Fitness Tip 101

Have you been working like a crazed person by trying everything in the book to get rid of those unwanted pounds? Do you feel like you’ve working, day in and day out, and spite of all your diligence nothing seems to be working? Or working fast enough? Well, let me tell, there could be a reason why it’s not working. Have you ever stopped to consider this?You might be doing too much too; too soon. Because in all reality, slow and steady is the best way to go; especially if you’re trying to reach your ultimate physical fitness goals. Are you? Yes? I thought so. Okay, listed below are four tips on how you can work up to reaching your ideal fitness goals.

#1 Avoid Doing Too Much!

Most people try to do too much too soon which results in them getting burned out.Instead they should go slow and steady by taking it one step at a time.Doing this will at least get you moving and grooving forward. Therefore the goal is to create a level of consistency which also creates a body rhythm of forward motion.

For example: Trying to do too much exercise all in one day like walking or running for an hour, or more, followed by an hour dance class, and then an hour of strength training, can be too. This is a caution; especially if you’re just starting out or trying to get back into shape.

#2 Work Up to It!

However, here’s what you should do. You must work up to that level of fitness, or you’ll get in over your head. The reason why? It’s that once your adrenaline kicks it you’ll feel fine at first, but sooner than later you’ll get burned out. Plus, the most dangerous part is you could possibly get injured due to tried, over worked, and or, fatigued muscles.

#3 Break It Up

Do This. Break up your fitness regime into two days.Day one, do an hour of cardio (heart conditioning, & body detoxification exercises) and really concentrate on maximizing the full hour. Make sure you’re fully executing the moves (no half stepping). Plus you should try to keep your heart up for at least 30 minutes, and in addition to practice proper form followed by good breathing technique. ….

Note: Don’t forget to stretch before and after your work out.

Then Day twostart out with maybe a warm up 15 to 20 min walk, or run, then followed that by an hour, or so, of strength building exercise like yoga, pilates, or a combination of weights, pulls ups, push ups, stretch bands, or my exotic tone workout. Making this switch is great because the emphasis then becomes more about the importance of how you can use different moves, and or techniques, to work your core as well as build muscle and body strength. Which weall know helps to burn fat for longer lengths of time.

Note: The key is to go slowly then you can add in more intensity as you grow stronger and develop more stamina.

# 4 A Habit

More Importantly: Making your regime fully doable will give you a sense of accomplishment; therefore also making it easier to strive for the number one key element. What is it?

*Make Your Exercise Regime a Daily and Consistent Healthy Habit.




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(A Poem)

*Move In Forward Motion.

Life is way too short to live it with dread.

So, why drag your feet like you’re one of the walking dead.

It’s not about being complacentor living your life with sorry, anxiety, or in the shadow of fear.
It’s because now is the time to be happy, and there’s no need to shed a single tear.

Life can be tough as some days will be up, and others may appear to be down. But you be encouraged though, keep trying; forge ahead anyway. And it’ll be too hard for you to frown. Why?

Because when you decide to get off the dread mill your life will change.

And only then will you find the strength to let go of all the hurt, guilt, blame, and shame.

You’ll also discover that all the sweat, hard work, and strugglewasn’t meant for you to mark time; get no where, or end up in defeat.

It was merely a preparation for you to step out, and experience a whole new world that’s right NOW at your feet.