Joey L. Dowdy’s “SERIOUSLY SODA?”

Do You Really Need It?


Are you like so many millions of Americans who are addicted to soda? Do you crave it morning, noon, and night, simply because it tastes so good? You do? Is that a yes? I knew it!

Are you like so many others too who keep hearing reports about all the sugar in soda? And how it’s one of the leading causes linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, but you go right on drinking it any way? Why? Because you really don’t beleive a thirty –two, or sixty four ounce liter of soda could really be that bad for you.  After all, isn’t it just a drink? Plus, it looks so harmless.

Well, if  you’re among this massive crowd of people, I ‘m hear to tell you, don’t let looks deceive you. There’s a wise old saying that goes, “what looks good isn’t always good for you.” Which is true, and drinking soda, even the diet kind is absolutely useless as well as can be a HUGE DANGER to your health. Why would I say this? Hmm, it’s because the facts speak for themselves.
What are the facts? Studies show.  
·         Soda has zero nutritional substance or value. 
·         It’s chemically induced to make your taste buds crave it. 
·         Soda is mainly sugar. Yet what you may not realize is sugar also has no recommend daily value, or dietary reference (DRI). And this is so in any form either natural, or artificially sweetened. *Sugar is often used in many foods as fillers.
·         Reports say a sixteen ounce soft drink contains 52 grams of sugarwhich is equivalent to 16 teaspoons. Sure, it may not sound like a big deal to some people. But trust me; I think their mind set would change quickly if they had to physically eat sixteen teaspoons of sugar raw. Don’t you?
·         Now here’s the big shocker. Did you know that all sugar turns into fat? How does it happen? Check this out!
*Sugar Turns Into Excess Calories
*Those Calories Turn Into Fat
* That Fat Turns Into Pounds On Your Body.
So I ask, “Seriously Soda! Do You Really Need It?”
Is There A Better Option? I would say, “Yes, There Is!”
WHAT  Is It?  More Soon

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