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Joey L. Dowdy’s “LIVE!”

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You Have breath so You Still Have Life;         Anything Is Possible, “LIVE!”


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         Plays It Back!

 Did you know that the Mind/Brain is a sensitive organ; it functions according to what it’s being feed? Did you know it’s also known as the great recorder?  What does it record?  Here’s what! It records “EVERYTHING” and the true is; it will at some point play back what it records.  So, my question to you is, do you know what yours is playing back? I would say probably not; because if you’re like most people you never think about.

 Well, that’s the problem; especially if you’re not getting out of your life “what you truly deserve.” Here’s why. You should always know what you’re feeding your brain; because what you give it results in the consequences or results that will follow. For example: If you’re constantly giving it rubbish by thinking and speaking negatively which does nothing but bring about feelings that produce anxiety, stress, fear, doubt and limitation.

 Then you can expect the results from the great recorder to play back your thoughts accordingly through your life. Therefore, in this case, your life will become a reflection of unfavorable circumstance you’ve unknowing created through your talk and thoughts.

However, now on the other hand, when your T & T (talk & thoughts) are positive you’ll see another side of the great recorder.  What will you see? You’ll find that the Play Back and Pay Back will be much more rewarding. How so? The results and the experiences of your will be different. Therefore you can expect a stimulating life that will flourish in delivering you the peace, joy, conquest, hope, and prosperity you deserve.

So, I ask, since this is your life and you get to make the choices,

What do you want the GREAT RECORDER to play back for you?  In fact, what is being played back in your life right now?



Joey L. Dowdy’s “SPEAK OUT!”

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No Abuse is Good ABUSE!
Are you being mistreated or abused? Well if so, know that you can stop it right if you do this.
SPEAK OUT! Please believe there are people who care. Here’s a fact, no one will ever know what you’re going through if you don’t speak out. Here’s why. There is always someone, somewhere, who’s willing to lean an ear to hear what it is you have to say. Why? One reason is “Many people are going through the same thing themselves, but it’s being kept silent.”
Tell Your Story!
What you may not realize is when you tell your story it has the power to change the situation. Actually, it has the power to change your life as well as the life of someone else. Know that once you step up to tell your story, It Will Set You Free!”
Meaning, this is what actives the process in which loosen the shackles and chains that once had you bound. Using your voice lets the universe know you’re ready to take a stand. And what happens when you take a stand? “Everything Else Around You Stands Up.”
It’s simply because you, your health, well-being, and your life matters. And so will the lives of many others who will hear your story realize, “their lives matter too.” It will indeed give them permission to find their own voice; instilled with a little hope, encouragement, and the power to Stand Strong themselves. It’s true when you take action to speak out, and get help, you can go from being a victim to someone who has the victory.
*You Can Turn Your Pain Into Power If You Act Accordingly.
Here Are Four Things You Should Do.
1. Know that there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about; being abused is no fault of your own, it is not something you caused.
2. Don’t worry what others may think about you. You only get one life, so know it’s worth living in peace and total fulfillment. So, “Live Your Life.” 3. Seek support, get help. Speak out to a loved one or a close friend. 4. Move to action because as soon as you start to help yourself, others will help you.
Speak Out & Stand UP!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “FOCUS!”

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 Let Your Focus (Thoughts, Words, Ways & Actions) Be About, And On, The Things You Want Such As More (Joy, love, Peace; Money) Rather Than The Things You Don’t Want Like Unwelcomed (Sadness, Loneliness, Tragedy & Lack.)

So, I Ask What Do You Want?

Only You Know; “Your FOCUS Will Tell!

Joey L. Dowdy “FALL FOR Healthy Habits”

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                    Exercise Tip 101

                           Go Slowly!

When it comes to exercise most people try to do too much too soon. This is what results in them getting burned out. Instead they should “Go Slow and Steady” by taking it one step at a time.  Doing this will a least get you moving and grooving forward.

 MORE Importantly:

Making your regime fully doable will give you a sense of accomplishment; therefore making it easier to strive for the number one key element. What is it? It is making your exercise regime a daily and consistent Healthy Habit.


Joey L. Dowdy’s “USE THE POWER!”

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Yes, Knowledge is Power. However, It’s Only Powerful When It is Used.
So, When You Get The Knowledge Use The Power.

Joey L. Dowdy’s “CREATE A NEW PATH!”

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There’s No Need to Be Stuck in the Past. Nor do you have to continually live your life singing the Should have, Would have, or Could have blues. Today is a new day. So, Get Up & Turn Your Regret of the Past into Big Dreams For Your Future and Do This.  “Create a New Path For Yourself!”