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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SUCCESS Leaves Clues!”

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 So, I ask,

Do you know where to look?

Do you know how to find them?

Did you know they may be closer than you think?

Well, let me tell, you there is

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Ask MOTHER NATURE!”

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She’ll say, “Go Natural!”

You’ll Enjoy the Benefits & Feel the Results! Listed below are (7) Dynamic effects Fruits& Vegetables have on your body and health! However, just in case you don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, or actually you really don’t see the need for them? Or you’ve often wondered what all the hype is about?Well, let me tell you, if you’re been skeptical thus far about these things, reading this just might change your mind. Here’s why! Did you know eating fruit and vegetables daily can make a world of a difference? Like I said, the thought of doing so for some might sound foreign. Yet know that they are essential for maintaining your good health. How so, “Ask Mother Nature!” And She’ll say fruits and vegetables have powerful yet unbelievable benefits that awaits and rewards those who chow down on them daily. What kind of benefits do they have? They supply your brain and body with the proper healthy nutrients needed. Plus they also exude the ability to detoxify, energize, restore, and heal your whole body.
That’s right,” The Whole Bod
Here’s the healthy scoop…..California Department of Food & Agriculture displays a short list of what fruits and vegetables can do for your body! Such as,1. Strawberries,Spinach>        Helps Your *Brain.2. <Carrots,Chicory,Sweet Potatoes    Helps Your *Vision.3. < Bananas, Watermelon,Tomatoes>      Helps Your *Heart.4. < Red Bell Peppers,Papaya, CollardGreens>      Helps Your *Skin.5. < Kale, Arugula,Broccoli>     Helps Your *Bones.6. <Cherries,Pineapple, Blackberries>Helps Your Joints.7. <Butternut Squash, Cantaloupe, Garlic,Oranges.>       Helps Your *IMMUNITY& Aids inPreventing illnesses.8. <Artichokes,Cranberries, Dried Plums, Raisins>Great ANTIOXIDANTS that help Detoxify Your Body. *Now do you see the benefits of why you should eat Fruits and Vegetables?AskMother Nature” andshe’ll say, naturally, that’s the way she intended it to be for your good health.Groove…


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Why put your Life, when it pertains to your good health, in the hands of (doctors, hospitals etc.) or some else? Did you know it is ultimately your own hands that have the ability to make a life changing and saving difference?
What does it take? It takes you obtaining, writing out & following through with a do able plan? What Plan? It’s should be your Plan!
You Do Have One Don’t You?
So, “Handle Your Health!

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 15 Winning Tips to Up Your Game!

 Discipline, the word alone can sometimes be intimidating nonetheless thinking about what it takes to obtain it. However, here’s the question, what does it take? Or how can one really benefit from what it has to offer? What‘s the big pay off?

Well, the answer is plain and clear if you watched this year’s 2012 Olympics.  Where you saw first hand what having discipline can do. What can it do? It can take to you *straight to the top to where ever you desire to go with your life.


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