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Joey L. Dowdy’s “NEVER STOP MOVING!”

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A Body In Motion Will Continue to Have Motion if You Keep It Moving. So, “Never Stop Moving!”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “Discipline Delivers The Gold!”

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 15 Winning Tips to Up Your Game!

 Discipline, the word alone can sometimes be intimidating nonetheless thinking about what it takes to obtain it. However, here’s the question, what does it take? Or how can one really benefit from what it has to offer? What‘s the big pay off?

Well, the answer is plain and clear if you watched this year’s 2012 Olympics.  Where you saw first hand what having discipline can do. What can it do? It can take to you *straight to the top to where ever you desire to go with your life.


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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GROWTH is GOOD!”

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Did You Know, Your Growth is Based On What You’re Continually Learning? Not so Much with What You Already Know.
So, What New Things Are You Learning? “How Is Your GROWTH? Is It GOOD?”

Joey L. Dowdy’s “Sure, I’LL TAKE THE *CHANGE!”

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Count It Out For Me Please!

Aw haw! I got cha! You thought this was about money didn’t you? Is it? Well, it is, but not in a typical since. What do I mean? I’m saying this is not about loose coin change but life rather, and the value Change can bring you.What value does it bring? It brings more than you might realize. In fact, “You Just Might Be Pleasantly Surprised.” Here’s why!

 Have you ever thought about why things change? Or did you ever wondered or asked yourself this, “Why can’t things remain the way they are? Or return back to being the way they once were? Why do they have to change, or why do we need change?

 Well the answers to these questions are simple, it’s that they can’t. Why not? It’s because *Change Has Worked Its Magic. How so?

It’s true that change has a sneaky way of slipping in the back door and saying, “Surprise! Get ready; it’s time to experience something new. Then it zaps its powerful wand and makes it happen.What happens?

 *Change Makes ThingsMove.

Actually change is movement. It is movement all dressed up in many different disguises. Here’s what else it does. Change promotes and or often provokes a new way of being, doing, or direction. It can turn a stale, stiff, and stagnant life into one that feels fresh, flexible, and much more stimulating. How can it?

 Well, just keep reading and you’ll soon find out. However, you must know this, Change is not something you shouldn’t fear but rather embrace. Why? Well, Let Me Count it out for you.

CHANGE will,

Take you out of your comfort zone.

* Give you the opportunity to do something new.

*Expand your horizon.

*Make you think, step, and or more importantly live outside your box.

*Encourage you to do what you’ve always wanted to do if you dare to *CHANGE.

*Teach you to go for it & make it happen.

*Open you up to a whole new world.

*Create a fresh new start.

*Show your real capabilities.”

                *Help you break new ground.

                *Reveal territories unknown.

                *Snap & Release the chains that bind so now you’re free to let go of that dead end job,abusive relationship,depressing person or situation.

                 * Set a new standard!

                 *Help you to focus not on the past, but the future.

So I’m kindly asking you to, *Please Take The CHANGE!




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Your eyes will take you to exactly where you want to go. But the question is, “Do you know where you’re going?