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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Choose This; Get That!”

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Life is all about Choices. These choices are what determine how you function on a daily bases. They are the determining factors in which help you to shape your, Mind, Body and Soul. Good choices and the results that follow can lead you towards living your live to its fullest, happiest, and most prosperous potential.

Yet selecting bad choices can lead you in a direction that has you settling for a life that’s mediocre, unfulfilling, and limited.   However, either way, it’s a choice only you can make. Therefore it’s vitally important you choose wisely.  

 ~So why not make it a Poetic Choice in your best direction.  

 “Choose This; Get That!” 

 *Doubt, it’s the easy way out.

 *Believe and you will certainly succeed.

 *Give in and you’ll never win.

 *Work and keep on working and it’s just a matter of when.

 *Eat nothing but junk; it’ll keep you in a funk.

 *Be in good health and you’ll learn it’s your “True Wealth. “

 *Prepare for what lies ahead; do be careful though, because procrastination is the mother of dread.

 *Live each day like it’s your last, laugh a little, have some fun and life will be a gas!

 *Dance, kick up your heels, strut your stuff, don’t worry about the haters, just let em` huff and puff!

 *Take on something big, bold, bright, or blue. Shh! Keep quiet, no one needs to know “You’re Only Doing You.

~Life is all about Choices; choices only you can make. So, Choose them wisely.





Joey L. Dowdy’s “Shake What Your Summer Gave Ya!”

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When DANCE Meets SWEAT Know You’ll Benefit, “You Bet!” 

Have you been diligently working all fall, winter, and spring trying to prefect your Zumba (shake) , AFRO-LATINO ( hip gyrations), Dancing with Stars (Ballroom moves), or So You Think You Can Dance( hip-hop Isolations), and now you are ready to show folks what you’ve Got? Well, listen to this.

The time has come because summer is definitely here. And there is simply no time to waste by sitting on your rump, so Get Up & Shake What Your Summer Gave Ya! Meaning, there’s certainly no need to be bore. Nor do you need to miss a work out for that matter when there’s plenty of music, dancing, and fun in the sun all around you. Sure, there are many ways to work up a sweat.

Yet what better way is there than to dance? Plus you’ll have a blast doing it! In fact, why not Party Up A Sweat & Drop Those New Dance Moves!

Hey, did you know that doing a cardio dance workout could be like running a 10 minute mile?

So this summer no matter where you are, rather it’s at a House Party, Beach Party, Back Yard Staycation, Summer Cruise or Retreat, Picnic Party, Night Club, Birthday Party, Holiday Party, or Sleep Over, when the music gets jumping so should you. Therefore it means, DON’T JUST SHOW UP, SHOW OUT!Because when DANCE MeetsSWEAT Its Benefits Will Do The Rest.CheckThis Out!

*It has a few great physical benefits like these.

*Cardio Does!

*Cardio Provides Oxygen and Circulation to Your Lungs and Heart.

*It Gives You Better-Controlled Breathing Patterns.

*It Detoxifies Your Body.

*It Helps Reduce Memory Loss.

*It Builds Stamina Through Repetitive Movement.

*Dance Does

Doing a cardio dance workout could be like running a 10 minute mile.

*It Increases Your Range of Motion and Flexibility!

*It Boosts Your Self Esteem!

*Builds Stamina & Rejuvenates Your Spirit!

*It Improves Your Coordination!

*It Makes You Smile!

So, the next you’re out having fun don’t forget toShake What Your Summer Gave Ya!




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You Could Be On to Something!

Did you know there are million dollars ideas all around you each and every day? Do you see them? Did you know your big opportunity or golden moment is where you are right now? And it could be speaking to you in many different ways such as an idea, a vision, a dream, a hunch, or a notion. If so, it could only mean one thing, “You Could Be On to Something.”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “So You Think You Have No Rhythm?

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Then ThinkAgain!

 I believe there is nothing wrong with being or feeling uncoordinated, however, the problem is you don’t want to remain that way. WHY? Because life feels too darn good not be in step, or not to be able to Get Your Groove On! Know this, “Rhythm is Movement and
Movement is Life!”So if you think you have no rhythm, and you’re a live, then think again.
How so? Here’s how! You may not be aware of it but life itself has rhythm; in fact, any living thing that has a pulse has rhythm. Please know that if it has energy, a heart beat, or a pulse, it has rhythm. The late great Choreographer Bob Fosse composed a sensational song and dance montage around the concept of the rhythm life and its powerful beat. He proved that everybody has rhythm. Don’t believe me we all do? Well, see for yourself, here’s a Rhythm check list!
*We walk to a Rhythm,
*We dance to the beat of a Rhythm (Yeah? Stop! I already know what you’re thinking, that this may be questionable for some. However, it’s possible if you’re willing to learn how and commit yourself to a little practice),
*We run in step with Rhythm,
*We can feel our heart beat to a Rhythm,
*We sing in Rhythm, well, most try anyway. Note:This too may take learning how to and some practice,
*We talk in Rhythm (ever notice what happens when someone stutters, they lose the rhythm of their speech),
*We make love to a Rhythm (Agree, this needs no explanation? 🙂
*We play sports and games to a Rhythm.
As you can see the list can go on and on. Yet the important thing to remember is the next time you hear somebody say, “dude, I have no rhythm. Don’t worry about trying to explain it to them that they do, just let them read this blog.
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