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Joey L. Dowdy’s “KEEP THE FAITH!”

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Doubt Sees the Problem,

Faith Has the Solution.

Doubt Sees the Darkness,

Faith Lives in the Light.

Doubt Hesitates to Move Forward,

Faith Keeps On Steppin On.

Doubt is Full of Questions,

Faith Delivers the Answers.

Doubt says, “Things May Not Work Out.”

Faith says, “I’ve Already Worked It Out!”




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Part 2

Are you concerned about your weight? Are 20, 40 or 50 pounds over weight?

Are you 100 pounds, or more, overweight and considered to be morbidly obese?

Do people stare at you, or some even make fun of you?

Does it bother you, or make you want to appear to be invisible when you walk into a room, in hopes that no one will look at you. Because you’re a shamed of your weight, size, and how unattractive you think you look?

Do you often flip through popular magazines and fantasize about looking like celebrities, sports or super models, and their slim trim body by pretending it’s your own?

You are Not Your Size, but Rather Your Thoughts!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Something Happens, When We!”

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When we drop all the pretenses; let go of the pass, fear, anxiety, and the stuff that holds us back, something wonderful in our lives rises to the surface.

When we open up & allow ourselves to be totally naked; free of any inhibitions, our bodies can then begin to breathe.

When we show who we really are by revealing what’s going on inside, it’s freeing and fills us with empowerment.

When we say what we want & mean what we say, that’s when we discover the true meaning of “Life & Living.”

It’s When We,


Joey L. Dowdy’s “FAKE IT?”

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There’s No Need to Fake It, When You Can Make It!” Become a Pro!


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Mother Magnificent!”

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Mothers are like Shepherd’s who tend to their sheep. They nurture and guide them by providing food, shelter, and a comfy place to sleep.

They watch over them cautiously by night and by day. Their love is strong; it’s so evident with every single word they say.

You must admit a Mother’s work is a full time job, it requires cooking, cleaning, its taxing though, but you’ll never see her quit nor ever hear her sob.

It’s true; Mothers are Magnificent in every single way, so that’s why we Celebrate them on this very Special Day.


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Short & Sweet!”

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  Sometimes Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing at All. So Make It Short & Sweet; It’ll Be A Real Treat!


Joey L. Dowdy’s “FEED YOUR HOPES!”

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Feed Your Hopes & Dreams Daily. And Watch Your Fears Starve Themselves for from Malnutrition!   *Have A Feast!