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You can find hope in what feels like there is none, if you keep this is mind. Struggle is a disguise for strength; it has the ability to bring out our inner strengths when we’re faced with what appears to be adversity.  It signifies that life’s trials and tribulations are what we must go through (Strength) in order to get to (Strategy) where ever we desire (Success) to be. Here’s a deeper look; it’s in Knowing.

*It is Strength in Knowing That You Can Get Through Any Situation if You Learn How to Persevere.

*It is Strategy in Knowing That You Can Always Extract a Lesson Learned from Every Experience.

*It is Success in Knowing That Something Good Usually Comes from The Struggle, and in Overcoming Any Obstacle, Mishap or Temporary Defeat. 

  Therefore always know there is, “STRENGTH IN THE STRUGGLE.”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “FAST FOOD is Quick & Cheap, but it’s Not So Easy!”

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Stop In or Shop Out?

ARE you concerned about your health?What about your weight, or energy level? Don’t you want to live a Full, Vibrant, Long and Prosperous life? I’m sure you do; I believe we all do. Yet what will it take to insure that this will happen? Here’s what, For more please go here:


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Do you want something good to happen in your life? Of course you do, “We All Do.” Now here’s the good news, it can and will happen; actually, it’s easier than you might think. However, “You Must Do This.” Place Yourself in The Position to Succeed! How?

<Follow These 7 Steps> *Put yourself in the right environment that is CONDUSIVEand PRODUCTIVE for your needs and personal growth. *Talk about and Share your BIG DREAMS, goals, and desires with others who have PASSIONATE ideas!*Hang out with people who have an up beat positive Go FORWARD with life mind set. You’ll find their ways rather attractive, contagious, and their energy will keep you motivated.*Create a Visual, Written & Active plan & follow through with it. ….*GO! GO! GO! GetMoving!* Make it a Happenstance not a delayed Circumstance!

*Place Yourself in The Position to Succeed!


Joey L. Dowdy “CHANGE!”

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“Things Will Change, “If You’re Willing To Make A Change!”