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Slow Down & Slim Down!

 Eat Your Meals at A Slow Pace & You May Lose That Extra Weight.”

Research studies show that taking breaks while you eat not,
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Joey L. Dowdy “BRAIN FOOD!”

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 How Does Your Brain Work? ~Everything You See, Think, Hear, Feel and Touch is Controlled by Your Brain!” *Food For Thought!

Joey L. Dowdy’s ” No One Can Flatten Your DREAMS!”

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“No One Can Flatten Your Dreams,No Matter How Big or Small, If *YOU BELIEVE, Keep Them Inflated & Breathe Life Into Them.” GO BIG DREAMS!



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 When Opportunity Knocks, Recognize It, Respond/Answer Its Call. And If there’s a Door Don’t Hesitate to Open It; Boldly Walk Through.

Joey L. Dowdy’s “The Power of Your Actions!”

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Never underestimate the power of your actions; just one small gesture could change a person’s life for ever.

Who knows, just by showing that you care for another person’s well being could make a big different.

And it could be through simple means like a nod, lifting your eyes, a smile, a hello, a touch, a thank you, or a hand shake.

Why? Because you never know what someone else is going through, maybe life has just knocked them down, however; your kind gesture could be the one that lifts them back up.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Mother Magnificent!”

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Mother’s are like Sheppard’s who tend to their sheep. They nurture and guide them by providing food, shelter, and a comfy place to sleep.

They watch over them cautiously by night and by day. Their love is strong; it’s so evident with every word they say.

You must admit a mother’s work is a full time job, it requires cooking, cleaning, its taxing though, but you’ll never see her quit or even hear her sob.

Yet children are like,

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Joey L. Dowdy “Create Your Own Luck”

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 Why sit around waiting for a hand out when all you need is a hand. Your OWN! Here’s why.

 People who have fulfilling careers have made it that way. How so? They believe and invest in themselves and then use it as a process to pursue and fulfill their dreams.
It’s like they wave a magic wand towards creating their own luck. Here, Wanna try it for yourself? Do these.

Get A Clear Vision For Your Future Goals.

 Focus Your Energy On Building Skills.
Fine Tune Your Skills/Talents and Become An Expert.
Make It A Point to Learn From Others.
Sell Yourself and Your Enthusiasm.
Do What You Love and Love What You Go.