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Joey L. Dowdy’s “No Sweat, Calories Burners”!

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They say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff; did you know that you can continually burn calories through out the day by keeping active?
We all know that doing spontaneous activities and workouts that make you sweat (such as dancing, running, tennis etc) are for sure calorie burners, but you might be surprised at how many extra calories you can burn by implementing some “No Sweat” spontaneous activity throughout  your day. Here’s how:

Work or Home
• Stand up more than you sit down. If you stand up during a work or home phone call that last more than a few minutes, you could burn up to 50 extra calories. Even better-pace while you walk.

Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!
• If have to sit do this exercise regularly, squeeze your abs or your glutes. If you squeeze your glutes and or abs for 10 seconds and release and repeat 10 times throughout the day, you can burn an extra 10 calories. Even tapping you’re your toes is better than sitting still.

To Sit or Don’t Sit?
• Before sitting down in your office chair, try this. Just when your bottom reaches the chair, stand back up. Chalk up another 15 calories burned.

Rise to the Occasion!
Waiting for Something to Print or Fax? *Do some simple calf raises while you wait, lifting up onto the balls of your feet. When you feel the burn, you know you’re burning calories.

Fab Feet!
• Foot circulation increases the blood flow as well as stretches, strengthens, and relieves for tried over worked tendons. Try this exercise standing or sitting for maximum effect. *Circle the right foot slowly rotating it clock wise 10 times, then repeat it counter clock wise for 10 times before switching to the left foot applying  the same procedure. Your feet will “Thank You” For a totally rejuvenating feeling.

For more No Sweat, Calories Burners! Secrets go to web page blog page.

Joey L. Dowdy’s “Instant Inspiration!”

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Movement is Power! 

Our universe embraces and celebrates life through the joy of movement.        

Movement is action, its direction and it comes many different forms?

 It’s Your Speech,

                      Your Expressed Thoughts,

                                  Your Body Language,

                                           Your Awareness,

                       Your ability to react quickly, or not;

                                         And Your Confidence Factor.

Your life and your destiny’s outcome will be determined by the directions (moves) you take, and the choices you make.

 Movement is essential to your journey it can be the Medicine that inspires and heals.  So I ask,

Are you celebrating your life? So why not take a step in the right direction; “Start Moving”!




Joey L. Dowdy’s Fat Be GONE!

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Your Wish Can Come True!

Did you ever wish for a magic wand that you could wave over your body and it would instantly get rid of those unwanted pounds just by you saying, Fat Be Gone”!

I know it sounds like a fantasy but it’s certainly one that many of us wish could be true. Then reality takes charge and we soon discover that’s not going to happen; it’s going to take more than wishing those extra pounds away. It will take some work, dreaded, boring, exercise work; the I’m not motivated or nor do I feel like doing it work.

However, we some how keep a glimmer of hope that one day something magically just might happen. (The usual thought is it’ll be finding a new diet pill, or a formulated fat burning food combination.)

Something that just might ease the pain and thought of thinking, gee, this is boring and too much work, there’s got be a better way? You know what? There is! Your Wish Just Came True! Life is too short and you should be spending it having fun. So why not start by making your exercise regime fun, and choose Dance Fitness as your physical activity?

“Dance Fitness is Get Down the Pounds Fun”!

Did you know? That doing a cardio dance workout could be like running a 10 minute mile. You can easily burn up to 450 calories per hr. all while learning some of the hottest dance moves today. *Cardio Does a Body Good.* Plus you will enjoy a resultant Grand Finale` that’s not only beneficial for your heart; it lowers your cholesterol, reduces your blood pressure, and builds stronger bones while improving your flexibility.

So, What are You Waiting For?

Do It! & say, Fat Be GONE!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “Dancing Like The Star’s Fitness”

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What’s Their Secret?

What’s The Best Way to Lose Weight and Build Confidence!

Do You Really Want to Know?

Well, Read On!

Take a look at Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Chris Brown, Ciara, and even the late Michael Jackson, “They All Know the Real Secret.” You must have wondered how these performers get their Charisma, Stamina, Confidence, Strut, Style, Grace, and above all those Toned Sculpted Bodies.

Have You Ever Said to Yourself, “What do they know that I don’t?

Well, Now You Can!

What Is It?

They Dance!

In fact, they not only dance, it’s their main physical fitness inspirational source for getting into tip-top shape. Some may even refer to as “Dance Fitness”. Dance Fitness is the new craze that’s rocking the nation; it’s deemed as a fun sexy way to get down those unwanted pounds. Not only is it beneficial for your heart, but it lowers your cholesterol, reduces your blood pressure and builds stronger bones while improving flexibility.

These Stars know that consistency yields results and dancing’s physical fitness benefits help them reach their “Peak Performance.” Yet we all know that people will only exercise regularly if they are having fun. Maybe your dream isn’t to be a star, or even to be in the music/entertainment business but you can still learn from their successes.

No matter what your age, dancing or exercise ability, “Dance Fitness is for all.”

You can “Dance Like A Star”, or just simply have a blast trying as you get whipped into shape.

Have Fun!