Joey L. Dowdy’s “Sizzling Summer Slimming Success Motivational videos

Hello, I’m Joey L. Dowdy Creator, Choreographer, Instructor, Fitness Motivator & Host of World Dance Groove.

Please allow me to introduce my“Sizzling Summer Slimming Success Motivational Series“, a free stimulus gift just for you.

 But first, let me ask you a few questions.
Summer is here;  Are You Ready?

Are You Ready to Show Some Skin?
Are You Ready to Show Off That Body?

  Or are you hanging onto a little extra Somethin – Somethin, those unwanted few extra pounds, and the lack of will power to Get Up! & Get Grooving! which you know will help them go way?

 Need Some Help? 

Well, I ‘m here to tell you it’s not too late.
 You’ll can still “Take Center Stage “to, Get Fit! Look Fierce & Be Fabulous! Here’s how!
Check out my Action Pack “World Dance Groove 1” you tube videos.
It’s the perfect cure if  you need some motivation, to add a little “Spring in Your Step,” or You’ve  got a case of the “Coach Potato Blues.”

 Here, check them out!

(1)“Take Center Stage”
Get Fit! Look Fierce! Be Fabulous!

(2) “Shake Your Booty Pt 1 Make Fitness Fun
(3) “Shake Your Booty Pt 2 How To!
(4) Lean Mean Plus Size Dancing ( Honey, You Can  Do Your Thing at Any Size)


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