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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Away with Depression and Hello To Progression.”

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Hi! I’m Joey L. Dowdy Choreographer/Instructor & Motivator for World Dance Groove Los Angeles.

Here’s a thought,
Will you live in “Depression or Progression; ” which do you choose?

Are you depressed?

Does your dark past haunt you?

Do you have low self esteem?

Are you in a bad relationship?

Are you being physically abused but are afraid, and don’t know what to do?

Are you constantly being told you’ll never amount to anything, or be someone special?

Do your friends laugh at you when you talk about your big dreams?

Do you feel like a failure?
Are ready to give up on life?

Well! Welcome to the World of Depression,  Be Aware, it has many different disguises; it can be very abusive and destructive.

However, Don’t Give Up, It’s Never Too Late.

You can achieve your ultimate Goals, Dreams, Desires, and Life.

You can start by saying, “Away with Depression and Hello to Progression”.

You can “Make Your life A Success, A Mission, and Not An Intermission.”

Start Grooving! Here’s how!

Check this out!

Joey L. Dowdy’s Domestic Violence-Provocative Video “Awakens Your Awareness.”

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 Hello all,  I’m Joey L. Dowdy Los Angeles based Creator, Choreographer, Instructor, Host and CEO of World Dance Groove Fitness Entertainment. I am pleased to share with you my new provocative you tube “world dance groove 1” double feature video presentation entitled, “Contemporary Dance Domestic Violence -No Tolerance” Part 1 & 2. This first video entitled, “Movement is Medicine That Heals” conveys an array of movement.  It’s more like a dramatic potpourri, a mixture of contemporary dance combined with elements of fierce emotion, break through messages, and textual visualization all wrapped up together.

 It’s my most personal work yet because I too was a victim of domestic violence, I was molested as a child, and I grew up watching my mother struggle with being a battered wife. So putting together these videos have actually been a form of “Movement Therapy”, and a creative expressive outlet for me as well. It has helped me to resurface feelings and emotions that I kept silent for so many years.

“Rage & Rise”, soon to be released, is the second video and it’s solely dedicated to my mother’s domestic abuse conquering struggle for survival.

 You see, these videos are important because they’re dance/movement based adaptations of situations that dig deep inside to reveal the physical and emotional (the good, bad & ugly) side that words sometime can’t express. I feel so blessed that I am able to dedicate this work, and use my life experiences and choreographic skills, in helping to “Break The Silence” by speaking out which is what makes the difference.

 Come on, Give It Up! I get a feeling there are many reading this blog right now who either know some one ,or you are personally facing the same challenge. You may even feel that you don’t know what to do, like most, and or afraid to say something. 

Well, Check This Out!

 Statistics say,

“Every Nine Seconds a Woman is Beaten.

 Silence is Agreement and Participation.

 You Are Equally as Responsible If You Know Someone Who’s Being Abuse and You Don’t Fess Up.

 Nothing A Person Does or Says Justifies Them Being Abused.”

                       You Can Stop It!

 Here’s the link,


 Don’t forget to check out some of my other you tube “world dance groove 1” inspirational videos.


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Sizzling Summer Slimming Success Motivational videos

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Hello, I’m Joey L. Dowdy Creator, Choreographer, Instructor, Fitness Motivator & Host of World Dance Groove.

Please allow me to introduce my“Sizzling Summer Slimming Success Motivational Series“, a free stimulus gift just for you.

 But first, let me ask you a few questions.
Summer is here;  Are You Ready?

Are You Ready to Show Some Skin?
Are You Ready to Show Off That Body?

  Or are you hanging onto a little extra Somethin – Somethin, those unwanted few extra pounds, and the lack of will power to Get Up! & Get Grooving! which you know will help them go way?

 Need Some Help? 

Well, I ‘m here to tell you it’s not too late.
 You’ll can still “Take Center Stage “to, Get Fit! Look Fierce & Be Fabulous! Here’s how!
Check out my Action Pack “World Dance Groove 1” you tube videos.
It’s the perfect cure if  you need some motivation, to add a little “Spring in Your Step,” or You’ve  got a case of the “Coach Potato Blues.”

 Here, check them out!

(1)“Take Center Stage”
Get Fit! Look Fierce! Be Fabulous!

(2) “Shake Your Booty Pt 1 Make Fitness Fun
(3) “Shake Your Booty Pt 2 How To!
(4) Lean Mean Plus Size Dancing ( Honey, You Can  Do Your Thing at Any Size)


Hello world!

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